Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Send help!

 Sharing progress….

Current status.  What was I thinking?  I’d blame the dog for what I am sure are missing pieces….except we have no dog.  The vacuum cleaner?  That seems to be the next likely culprit, but who’s doing vacuuming while trying to complete this challenging jigsaw puzzle?!?!  It must be completed!!  

Have you read any of Debbie Macomber’s writing?  I’ve read several of her books, usually borrowing them from the public library.  There are a few I have on my own bookshelf, however.

These are Christmas-themed.  Perhaps I’ll go along with the “Christmas in July” idea and reread these.  Images of snow may prove to be cooling during this hot summer.  

Did you know that Debbie Macomber wrote something other than fiction?  This is probably my favorite of all I have written by her.  It was on the United Methodist Women reading list a few years ago.  “One Simple Act….Discovering the Power of Generosity.”  

I simply must complete that puzzle!  Until I do, this is waiting for me….

This is her most recent novel, and it is one of two that we are reading in the Twitter Book Club.  Hoping for all those pieces to easily fall in place more quickly than they have thus far!  It’s a fact that reading her books goes much more quickly!

Do you ever reach a point where you are “stumped” by your jigsaw puzzle working?  Do you persist until you complete it, regardless of the challenge?  I always hate to tear them apart when completed, and that will be the case especially with this one!

I hope you are vaccinated!  The new variants are causing much concern.  I continue to wear my mask when shopping indoors.  Take care of yourself!


  1. Well, Sister, I find enough challenges without attempting jigsaw puzzles, so I'll leave those for the much braver souls like you! I have been vaccinated, with my last shot coming in March. Who knows? I might need a booster if this thing doesn't slow down. I just don't understand why everyone doesn't see the importance of vaccination, but sadly, we both know that's not the case. Stay cool and well on these hot summer days. Love you!

  2. I've never been tempted to work on jigsaw puzzles. The most I would do was put in a single piece when my daughter had her puzzles mostly finished. But I'm happy to provide encouragement: You can do this, Nellie! Rah Rah Rah and all that stuff!!


  3. The funny thing with jigsaws is you often think there are pieces missing until the last one slots into place.
    I have kept just one jigsaw intact for many years, a Charles Wysocki one, all others I keep for a few days, then back in the box and off to the charity shop they go.
    I am double vaccinated now, and on the list for number 3 in the autumn booster round. I don't know if you get UK news, but let's just say we're in a massive mess here with all sorts going on, including spiralling numbers of self isolation, and now facing food shortages, and a heatwave to add to our discomfort. Please, pray for us!

  4. I so love making puzzles but I do them mostly in winter when life is not as hectic. I can get overwhelmed if I see all the pieces on the table so I try to simplify the process by sorting out all the colors in paper plates and stacking them.

    When I'm faced with finding a solid color with no details, I revert to trying to fit a piece by trial and error until I find the piece that fits perfectly, that way I stay focused but for some reason, it always looks like there are pieces missing. I guess that's why they call it a puzzle.

    The only book I'm reading is 33 Days to Greater Glory, a book by Fr. Michael E. Gaitley with my online prayer group of women.

    Enjoy this day.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Yes, I've read a lot of her books.
    Those puzzle pieces can show up in the most unusual places. I found a missing piece under the cushion in the living room chair!!

  6. Nellie, I know what you mean, when we get started on a jigsaw puzzle, we have to complete it. I hope you find all the pieces and finish putting it together. These are some good books, and I like the idea of snow and Christmas in July, as it's so hot here in California. I think many states are getting the heat waves. I've been watching the Hallmark shows and I get delighted when I see all the snow.

    Have a good rest of the week Nellie.


  7. A jigsaw puzzle is wonderful to have waiting on the table. Yours looks quite pretty. We are quite competitive about them and would never put them away before solving it. We have bought them and a few pieces are missing--so disheartening! We still wear our masks (though fully vaccinated) when shopping inside as well. Stay well, my friend.

  8. Until I can get my hands on a tilted tabletop type thingy to work puzzles on, I will be refraining (arthritic/degenerative spine issues make it painful to be bent over). I hope you find the missing pieces -- that can drive an otherwise sane individual down crazy lane. As for Debbie Macomber, I'm actually reading my first one ever this month. I usually read sci fi/thrillers/memoirs/nonfiction, so I'm a bit out of my comfort zone with her style. Can't say it's grabbing me, but it's an easy, pleasant read. Have a beautiful day, Nellie.

  9. I have found that some puzzle pieces really hide well. I do hope that's all it is and that what you're looking for hasn't gone missing in real life. Yes, I really enjoyed Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street series, haven't read much else of hers. And yes, I'm fully vaccinated and still wearing a mask in public. In no hurry to let go of some care measures. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Nellie!

  10. Hi Nellie. Thanks so much for your visit and comment on Writing Straight from the Heart. Oh yes, I am fully vaccinated with the J and J. I wish the people who are not getting vaccinated to smarten up, at least to protect the rest of us! Otherwise, this pandemic will just keep going on and on. Hotter than blue blazes here in Western Massachusetts. Keep cool! Susan