Tuesday, August 3, 2021


 Finally!! Fewer than 30 minutes ago, I placed the final piece in this puzzle!

It was a month ago that I began working on this one.  Of course, there have been a few other things to be done in addition to working this puzzle; however, it has taken much longer than any other jigsaw puzzle I have done.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I often seal and frame some of the puzzles.  This one, however, will not have that experience.  Planning to leave it out for a few days, however, then….time to begin another one!

What do you think of this one?  It has about half the number of pieces as the other, yet I am able to see that there will be a number of the same color, which is always a challenge.

Taking some time off for puzzles….thinking I’ll do a bit more reading instead. 

August has begun a little cooler here.  It’s a short-lived break, though.  Warmer temps will arrive just as the students in our county begin their next school year!  

Though we are vaccinated, we have continued to wear our mask when in public indoor spaces.  How about you?  

Be safe!  Stay cool!


  1. I can see that the first puzzle is a challenge just by looking at it. There is so much white. You have to have just the right light to see the texture.

    The cat looks like a challenging one too.

    I'm getting my second vaccine on Thursday and although we have the choice of wearing a mask or not, I'm still wearing mine.

    If feels like fall here.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Well, Sister, you did it! I always knew you wouldn't let a silly puzzle stump you, and your persistence (polite word for stubbornness) has paid off! It's a beautiful picture, too, and I don't blame you for leaving it together for a few days to enjoy. I do like that kitty that you'll begin next, but I agree with Julia that it will also be challenging. So much black and gray! You'll get that one, too, I'm sure. As for wearing a mask indoors, I do that gladly! I did let it down beneath my nose today at the doctor's office, but it went back up as I walked through the waiting room. We've once again begun wearing them inside our apartment building as of today, too. This spike in cases needs to be respected. Stay safe! Love you!

  3. Well done! I have one tucked underneath my bed, on a sturdy board, waiting for the patience to return. Some puzzles are just a tad more tricksy than others.
    I'm still avoiding almost everything, and now that after a year with no reported cases, to learn of the re~emergence of the virus in Wuhan is alarming news indeed.

  4. Nice puzzle you've completed. I can see why it would be a challenge with so much white. Your next puzzle has a lot of the same color too. It's a cute one!!

  5. Hi Nellie. Thanks for your visits and comments on Writing Straight from the Heart. Always love to see you have visited. Congrats on finishing the puzzle. That was a challenger. Hugs. Susan

  6. Hi Nellie - Wow, you are a wiz at puzzles! I love that cat puzzle and think that would be a good gift for our neighbors who have a lovely cat names Henry. Yes...we are wearing our masks even though vaccinated. Our community ( 55+ Senior Living with Life Care) has reinstated wearing masks in common areas. 98% of the residents here are vaccinated, but not that much of the staff. Unbelievable. We are being cautious...we were supposed to go to a Jimmy Buffett concert in VA this past weekend but sold our tickets thinking it was a big crowd and not a good idea. Hope things improve soon. Stay safe - stay positive and test negative!!!

  7. Oh Nellie, I'm so glad you finished the jigsaw puzzle, and this one is a beauty. It should be framed, and at first I thought it was a picture. I didn't know you were a teacher, what a wonderful thing to guide students and help them learn all those years. I was a Teacher's Aide for a few years while my kids were in school. I hope it stays cool there, Nellie, and I look forward to seeing what Autumn is like around your neck of the woods. : )