Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August favorites….

 As the month of August moves along, there are two favorites that appear….red, ripe, juicy tomatoes and fresh okra!  We definitely make room to enjoy both!

While it’s possible to choose fried okra in many restaurants, our favorite way to serve it is a light dredging with cornmeal prior to pan frying.
Those red, ripe, juicy tomatoes are delicious with that classic BLT!
With that fried okra served as a side, this is a perfect late-August meal in my house! 

As I compose this post, rain is falling here, remnants of Hurricane Ida.  The prediction has been that we may receive up to three inches of rain before this system moves elsewhere.  While there has been some flooding reported in areas of our county, we are not experiencing any where we are.  

I continue to send along my thoughts to you for good health and safety!  The Delta variant is on the upswing here!  We are grateful for the vaccine and anticipate being eligible for the booster in early October!  Take care of yourselves!  Trust science!


  1. Most people here have never had okra. LOL. I love it like you make it there. Stay safe from Delta!!! xo Diana

  2. I've never had okra but sure do enjoy tomatoes right from the garden.

  3. Nellie, your summer meal looks wonderful! What a great looking and I'm sure great tasting tomato you have there! And on a BLT, what could be better? I pray the remnants of Ida are kind to your area. We're expecting similar conditions tomorrow.

  4. Well, Sister, you hit the nail on the head about why I don't prefer "fried" okra as it's prepared in many restaurants. Just too much breading for my taste, but I'll order it anyway! LOL And those tomatoes....I'd fight you for one if my doctor hadn't told me I need to stay away from them due to kidney disease. :-( Oh, well....I have lots of other sinful things I enjoy, like DARK chocolate! Hey, it's high in magnesium, so that's a healthy choice, right? Love you!

  5. Great minds think alike - just had BLT sandwiches for lunch on a rainy, Ida Day! Have a great September !

  6. My Dad used to grow Okra in his garden, and my Mom would fry it up for supper. Your meal looks delicious. I'm glad you got some rain. We desperately need it here. Your ripe juicy tomatoes look delicous with your BLT. Haven't had that in a long time.

    Happy September Nellie!