Friday, May 27, 2022

Another train ride…

On Thursday, May 12, it was another train ride, this time from London’s Paddington Station to Oxford.  

Oldest daughter had spent some time studying at Exeter College in 1994, so we were traveling on familiar ground for her. 

Oxford University is comprised of over 30 colleges, and we viewed portions of two of them.  The following pictures are from this tour.

Flowers were in bloom. I’m not able to identify them.  Perhaps one of you will be able to comment on what kind they are.

Beautiful interior of a chapel.
John Wesley attended Lincoln College.

This is the tree of Harry Potter movie fame!
Prince Charles had been scheduled to make a visit to Trinity College (where he attended) for the opening of a new building around the time we were there.  We didn’t see him.  Someone mentioned that he may have used another entrance.  
Most of the buildings we viewed are part of New College.
More floral beauty in green spaces that the buildings surround.
Other buildings in the area.
It is possible to climb stairs that reach to the top of this church tower.
Maintaining green spaces on the campus.

We ate lunch here, the oldest pub in Oxford.

Stuart Holloway leads us on our Oxford tour.
It was an amazing day, and our time there was not long enough!  

This has been a difficult week for many.  Remember to treat everyone with kindness.  There are those who are experiencing struggles of which we are unaware.  Let’s be their light of hope!


  1. Oh, Nellie, I have enjoyed your pictures from Oxford. Familiar and dear! And yes, we did climb those stairs to the top of that church tower - it was quite the climb in a very narrow space. And I see you got a tour with Stuart as well. Oh lovely! I agree, the time there was not long enough.

  2. Oh, Sister! More lovely photos of extraordinary places you visited, and I'm sure being there with your daughter was a priceless memory. Now, I've just had a sneezing fit, and I wonder whether pollen is able to escape through my monitor! LOL Thank you for this visual tour of these wonderful places. Love you!