Monday, March 13, 2023

March Madness….

 We are fans of college basketball here.  Of course, the Vols and Lady Vols are our favorites, though we watch other games at times, especially at this time of year.

Sunday was the announcement of the teams that have been selected to play in the NCAA tournament this season.  The Vols have been named a #4 seed.  Are you a basketball fan?  Is your favorite team in this list? 

It isn’t unusual to find these in the grocery store during March…

When they are no longer blooming, and the green begins to turn yellow/brown, I will cut this back and plant the contents outside.  Sometimes I have luck with this, and other times I’m not as lucky.

March is marching right along!  I wish you good wishes for the days ahead!  Remember…3.14!  Pi Day!  Do you have a pie in your future tomorrow? 


  1. Well, Sister, I might just rustle up some kind of pie sense in letting such a day go to waste - or should I say "waist?" Not sure what I'll do, but I'd guess there'll be chocolate "something" in my future! Love you!

  2. We don't follow any sports at all.
    Winter is back here by us, 8 inches of snow, 18 degrees, and windy.
    I think it is supposed to warm up tomorrow afternoon though.
    No pie for us tomorrow, but I did bake chocolate chip cookies today.