Tuesday, July 31, 2012

It doesn't take much....

....to get me started on a collection.:-)  That is, if it is something with pink in it.:-)  Most of you know of my affinity for things pink.:-) 

Anyway, my sister, who follows this blog as "Unknown," will remember this from our childhood.

The "berry set," as it was called by our mother.

I have always enjoyed using these dishes.  They are Pink Dogwood Depression Glass, and I remember Mother mentioning them being a premium from  Jewel Tea.  There were four smaller bowls with the larger one.

Now we have these....

...and these.....

and a cream pitcher and sugar bowl!

I particularly enjoy using these for breakfast when we have the family home.  The bowls also are good to use as salad bowls and coordinate very well with other dishes.

We had that much-needed rain last night - almost 2 inches in the rain gauge! 

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.  Return!  There will be another post coming.:-)


  1. The pink depression glass is beautiful!!

    I am glad you got some much needed rain last night.

  2. The pink dishes are so pretty. I'm a fan of pink too. They look very dainty.
    So good to know that you have received some much needed rain.

  3. Those are so pretty, Nellie. My Mom loved depression glass, too. I wish I had some of her pieces now. xo Diana

  4. So lovely, Nellie...when I thought I wouldn't be here long because of the breast cancer (and my girls weren't into pink) I gave my Grandma's to a dear friend who collects pink Depression glass...don't tell, but now I wish I had them! But I would never say that to her...I had to force them on her then! LOL And that was almost 14 years ago...♥

  5. Oh, yes! I remember those pieces well! We used to get a lot of lovely things in oatmeal boxes, detergent, or other places, but those days are over, I'm afraid. I still have some cute little glasses that are probably not worth much, but they are nice to have, anyway, and they may gain some value in a few years. I'm glad you're finding some additional pieces from time to time, as they are really quite pretty.

  6. What a beautiful collection. My mother has collects pink depression glass and it was always a special treat when we got to use them.

  7. Pink depression glass.. Now they are PRETTY!

    Gentle hugs,

  8. Oh yes, I'm a fan of the pink depression glass too. Have a few pieces myself and some of them were my grandmothers.
    Very pretty!!

  9. Nellie...thank you for this post! I just happen to have one of those saucers! I knew it had been my grandmothers, now I know the rest of the story, so to speak! She always got stuff from Jewel Tea and now I know where this came from....smile...


  10. I have a pink glass plate and serving bowl from my mother, but in a different style than your things.