Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Those dishes....

Happy Wednesday to you!  I hope it has been a good day for you where you are.

As promised a few days ago, this post is about those "new" dishes that have been spotted in a few of my recent posts. 

My sister, and any of my other family members who may be following this blog, will be able to attest to the fact that dishes are not in short supply around here.:-)  There are some that really catch my eye, and that was the case when I made a week-day stop at church a few weeks ago.   I had stepped into the office of one of the staff members when I spied a box with an appealing (to me) set of dishes on the floor!  They had been brought for selling at the church rummage sale awhile back, and the person who was in charge just couldn't bring herself to set these dishes out for what would have to be a "rummage sale" price.  Therefore, they were still in her office.  Well, some of the proceeds from this sale are used to help finance the youth summer mission trip.  Other calendar conflicts had prevented us from being present for this sale, so it was a real pleasure for me to make a donation for this event.

Also known by my family members is the fact that I have a liking for dishes with a strawberry-related pattern.  Now, not all strawberry-themed dishes appeal to me, but these definitely did!  I readily knew how I would  enjoy these dishes by Johnson Brothers, pattern Strawberry Fair!  My biggest question had to do with where they would be stored once I got them home!:-)  They are not all perfect, of course.  Many of the pieces have chips; however, I have been able to work out acceptable place settings for six.

Dinner plate, bread and butter, and cup and saucer.

I love how the cups have an image on the inside!  Sterling above is Rondo by Gorham.

Serving pieces!

I have never seen a platter as large as this one!  There are two round vegetable bowls, and the one in the middle is oblong.

Cereal bowls.

I really need to work on my photography skills.  These bowls are not the same size, although they appear to be in the picture.  There are two of the smaller size bowls, and four of a larger size.

As is the case with many china patterns, this pattern has been discontinued.  We will truly enjoy using what we have of it.

Our homegrown tomatoes have been simmering on the stove today for marinara sauce.  The Husband seems pleased with the results of his efforts with the tomatoes, and I have lots of ideas for the sauce.:-)

If I find I have a little extra time when I am out on those seemingly-endless errands, I have a couple of favorite antique stores I like to wander through.  The next post will show something I brought home from a recent "wandering.":-)

Thank you so much for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Oh those are really lovely dishes. I love that pattern and I love the red and white. I think that was a wonderful find. I made marinara sauce yesterday and I am so tired from it today. :) I forgot how much work it is, My son though, opened a jar last night and got a loaf of french bread and he and my other son ate it all so it is really good and worth it to make it I think.

  2. Nellie, I like the dishes . Glad you got enough good pieces to make a nice sized setting. Smiles to you,Susie

  3. We share that liking of dishes and like you I have my favorites. I was telling a dear friend about a few pieces I have picked up in two of the consignment stores in Charlotte when I go there. You will love the deep bowl and very large cup I bought. The design is all over the inside of each as well as the outside and the dish has like slight scoop shaped formed in the outside lending texture. I will definitely take a picture and blog about it.

  4. Oh, I like these a lot! It's so great that someone turned them in to be sold at church and that the lady in the office had the good sense to keep them out of the sale! I'll look forward to seeing some of them in person some day at your place! I also look forward to seeing your treasures from that antiquing trip!

  5. Absolutely beautiful. I would love to join you for a cup of tea and one of your fruit desserts served on these.

  6. Oh Nellie I love these dishes! You have wonderful taste.

    I can't wait to see what you show us tomorrow. We had another hot day here today and is to be the same tomorrow!


  7. Beautiful china, Nellie... I always think that any food tastes better when it is on some gorgeous china... I love the strawberry theme...


  8. My favorite dishes in the whole wide world. When you get tired of them I will buy them from you!;>) What a find...and to think someone donated them. Love that you were able to get them for yourself.

    Can't wait to see your latest "wandering" purchase- xo Diana

  9. Homegrown tomatoes simmering... For marinara sauce... Mmmmmmmm.... Hooray for the Husband!

    Re: Your comment in my blog on Wed. "That number reminds me too much of the number on the scale when someone might stand on it!"

    BINGO!!! YOU are the only Dear Reader who got it!!! But shushhhh... For now. ,-) I'm going to just keep putting daily numbers up, somewhere... probably bottom of my sidebar. Under the sidebar bit I have, about a singer/musician losing weight... See if anyone else will "catch on." ,-)

    And this way, if I decide to STOP recording my daily weigh in, I can, without fanfare. -gigggles-

    My number stays near 160, and it should read more like 130... For my HEALTH. By eating more fresh stuff and less empty calories, I hope. :-))))) And get rid of my "gut fat" which is a dangerous place to carry excess weight.

    I hope! :-)

  10. I just love happy endings. Those dishes were just made for you. They are just beautiful.