Monday, July 16, 2012

Keeping cool....

Happy Monday to everyone!  I hope your week-end was relaxing and that the week is off to a fine beginning for you.

Keeping cool.  That seems to be what is on everybody's mind this summer.   I have mentioned earlier that we have had temperatures that broke our all-time high temperature for two successive days a couple of weeks ago.  Currently, we are out of the triple digits, thankfully, and we have enjoyed some good rainfall recently.

We have lived in this semi-rural location for eight years.  We have a little over an acre, and The Husband has truly enjoyed being able to have a garden the size he had wanted, I hope - 30 x 60 feet.  One of the first things I noticed after moving here was the visibility of stars in the sky at night.  There was an absence of that "light clutter" from the ground since we were rather out of town.  We have actually watched airplanes cross the sky in the evening!  We are able to be in the middle of "civilization" with only a 15-minute trip in a couple of directions.

It is on the route that I prefer that I have found one of those "keeping cool" places this summer.

Up a hill on a winding road.

It is driving on this shaded road that has given me a feeling of coolness.

You can see what appears to be a "tunnel" of tree branches.

While this direction is taking me away from our rural setting and will soon set me right in the middle of great hustle and bustle, it is always a refreshing feeling to drive on this road.  This is not the only shaded portion of it.  In fact, as I return home, driving this route actually will lower the temperature reading at least by three degrees on the car thermometer!  I open the car windows, and there is always a cooling breeze. 

Once home, the utility company is very happy that we are keeping comfortable in the house!:-) The A/C has been active for many, many weeks.  

I hope you are able to find a cooling, refreshing spot for yourself during this hot summer season!

It was a good week-end here.  We attended a baseball game of a minor league team in the area on Saturday night which we enjoyed.  A lightning bolt in the second inning delayed the game for 30 minutes!  The players didn't hesitate to leave the field when that happened!

I believe I mentioned telling of some dishes you may have noticed in recent entries.  That will be the topic of the next entry.  I hope you will return.

I notice that I have added another follower - welcome - and have lost one.  Thank you to all of you who are reading along.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. you sound like you live in a perfect area. nice and quiet! what a beautiful stretch to drive on!
    im glad your husband has his dream garden! a great hobby for him. i enjoy your blog and being a follower! enjoy your day!

  2. wow, a lightening bolt, that would clear the field!!! What a lovely road to drive down, it looks like the road our property is on, so tranquil, so cool, just like you said, I'll be watching for your next post, beautiful photos, thank you for sharing today,

  3. Jim and I had a cooling place like that to drive at home. It was about a 2 mile stretch through the country that was so wooded the sun was invisible. Always reminded us of West Virginia!

  4. I love lanes and roads like that but they are few right here where I am as you know.


  5. Yes, you are in a good location to get to many wonderful places for shopping and recreation, and the trip to those places is surely pleasant most of the time. I'm happy for you to have those good times now, for you and The Husband certainly have earned them! Looking forward to the posts about the dishes. I know about some of them, but I'm sure I'll learn along with everyone else about the others.

  6. What a beautiful place to walk. It's been a beastly hot summer with zero rain in a month. I can't even imagine how our poor farmers are going to rescue their crops.

  7. Sounds like you have the ideal place where you are. That road does look cool and peaceful.

    Don't worry about losing a follower. We all lose them from time to time. If someone is a blogger and they quit blogging and close their blog they automatically disappear from all the blogs that they follow.

    Blessings and have a great Tuesday- xo Diana

  8. Hi there, Having that privacy at your home has to be awesome... I always wanted to live where we had some land. BUT--that will have to be in another lifetime...ha

    Where are you in K'ville? In the '60's when we lived there, we lived out in Fountain City.. The inlaws were in North Hills...


  9. it is even hot in the shade here! what a summer. we get all the radiant heat from the city too which makes it even worse. i sure hope we have a cool fall!

  10. Good morning Nellie,
    I loved those pictures of the tree tunnels. I always love driving through those.
    I am glad it is a bit cooler. We have cooled off today and it is wonderful. It was 61 this morning.
    I have all of the windows open and this wonderful breeze if flowing though.
    I like learning about where you live and how big your garden is, it sounds so nice.
    Have a wonderful day.

  11. Oh how lucky you are!!!!!!! All of this. How very, very lucky!

    And especially, the issue of having less light pollution in the night skies. Oh sigh... Light pollution worries me so much. -sigh-

    I love the night sky. And know very well, that I can not see as much as I could, if I was elsewhere.

    and actually, we are in a small city, and on the outskirts of it, even. So our light pollution can't be as bad, as many places.

    Wonderful that you are where you are, and fully realize it!


  12. It does look nice and cool under all the trees.
    Seeing all the stars in the sky is another reason why I love it up on our land. The longer I look, the more stars I see.
    I do like getting back to hustle and bustle after a few days though. : )
    Stay cool.

  13. Hi Nellie.....What a good idea to plant gladiolus bulbs every weekend in the spring for successive blooms!

    Liked seeing your shady spot. It was a hot one today here in the east, too. woooo weee But it won't last long. Susan