Sunday, February 3, 2013

For today....

The following comes from a book I have - "Love Adds A Little Chocolate."  The author is unknown.

"Your Life Will Be Richer - If...."

Your life will be richer if on this day -

    You will make an effort to

        Mend a quarrel.

        Search for a forgotten friend.

        Dismiss a suspicion and replace it with trust.

        Write a letter to someone who misses you.

         Encourage someone who has lost faith.

         Keep a promise.

         Forget an old grudge.

         Examine your demands on others, and vow to reduce them.

         Fight for a principle.

         Express your gratitude.

         Overcome an old fear.

         Take two minutes to appreciate the beauty of nature.

         Tell someone you love them.

          Tell them again.

          And again.

          And again.

Sending you special blessings on this Sunday.


  1. Lovely message. Have a wonderful day

  2. Perfect message for Sunday Nellie. Thank you!

  3. Nellie, Today is my mom's birthday...she's been gone since 2006...I wish I could tell once more how much I love her. The end of your post says to say it over and over. Those than can, I wish you would. Because life is truly too short. xoxo,Susie

  4. What a wonderful thing for me to read on this beautiful Sunday morning :)

  5. I love all these suggestions! Thank you for reminding us of the importance of others in our lives. Love you, dear Sister! :-)

  6. Each and every suggestion is powerful, Nellie, but especially the last one that can't be repeated enough. Have a very happy Sunday my blog friend!

  7. Great post. I sought out a friend from many years ago. I wasn't sure if he would be as happy to hear from me, but we've connected back again and it's a nice feeling.

  8. Lovely, Nellie. I enjoyed that.

    Thanks for all your visits and comments to my blog. Susan