Thursday, February 21, 2013

No candy....

It has been a week since Valentine's Day, and some of you have mentioned you are clearing away the red and white in favor of the looks of spring.  I haven't ever shared my Valentine surprise with those of you who follow this blog, so before any more time passes, here is what The Husband gave me.

Last Thursday morning.

The flowers were a surprise!  He can be rather secretive when the occasion demands it.  He kept them in the car overnight since I was sure to see them had they been refrigerated.  Yes, it was cold in the garage last Wednesday night.:-)

That is a Longaberger trivet on the table, once again a long-ago purchase.

Monday afternoon.

The flowers are still looking very nice!  Keeping fresh water in them helps, of course.:-)  And - I like that the mug will go in my collection after the flowers are no longer around.

As I write this, another winter storm is heading across the United States.  I hope those of you in its path will come through the storm without any ill effects.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. What a beautiful, happy arrangement! The Husband is most thoughtful, and he does know how to keep things secret when the occasion demands it. You are blessed, and I hope those flowers stay lovely for a few more days! :-)

  2. How sweet of him! :-)

    Now as to colors we use, in decoration, in our houses.... I think that should be an entirely personal choice.

    If you still resonate with red and white, why should you *have* to put that away, to bring out pastels??? Why? No reason!!!

    Me-thinks we all/each need to go with whatever resonates with US! All the time. No Seasonal Rules for Colors. Silly that! "Auntie" sezzzzzz... :-)

  3. Your flowers are beautiful! Your hubby did good!!!!
    That storm is headed for us to tomorrow- I am SO sick of all this snow and cold. Your flowers are a bright bit of cheer for a dreary day-xo Diana

  4. Your Hubby gave you some very sweet flowers and yes, they still look great!
    hugs, Linda

  5. Oh how pretty... You have a 'keeper' for a hubby.. That is SO neat!!!!!


  6. I thought we were going to get a foot of snow, but I think it's been downgraded a bit to seven and a half! Only seven and a half inches of snow! Only!

    Your flowers are so cheery and pretty.

  7. A beautiful flower arrangement!!

  8. Oh what a beautiful arrangement and what a beautiful heart your husband has.

  9. How thoughtful for your husband to give you such pretty flowers for Valentine. Pretty mug and trivet.