Sunday, June 9, 2013

For today....

Outside view of the window in the Nave at church.

From The Upper Room devotional booklet for Saturday, June 8, 2013 was this following Thought for the Day.

                               "Rather than standing in opposition to our brothers and sisters,

                                       let us stand beside them and praise the Lord together."

The Mission Focus from the UMW Prayer Calendar for June 9, 2013 is the Susanna Wesley Learning center, East Prairie, Missouri.

May you have a blessed Sunday.


  1. Have a blessed, peaceful, and Godly Sunday.

  2. such a beautiful spot, have a wonderfilled sunday!

  3. Beautiful window!

    Happy and blessed Sunday to you!

  4. I often wonder what others see when they look at those of us who call ourselves Christians. There is certainly a lot of room for growth in most of our lives, and bickering should not be a part of those lives! Have a wonderful afternoon! :-)

  5. Have a Blessed Sunday Nellie!

  6. A wonderful thought for the day and one I'm sure is pleasing to the Lord. : )

  7. Hope you had a bright and blessed Sunday and wishes for a very happy week!