Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The week-end....

"What?" you say.  "This is the middle of the week!  Which week-end does she mean?":-)

Before the events of the last post occurred, this had been prepared for Monday's posting.  As I have related much of my week-ends that were jam-packed with activities, I thought it was time to post about what that was a bit slower-paced.

I considered my week-end beginning on Friday.:-)  That is when three friends came to join me in a few hands of bridge.

Cards and score pad ready.

After we played, we headed out for lunch at a nearby place in the community.  Are you surprised I didn't prepare lunch myself?:-)  I was happy to have the break.:-)

Everyone had been mentioning the wonderful moon that was to be visible on Sunday night.  On our Saturday night walk, this is what we saw.

There's the moon!

It is a good thing I took this picture on Saturday, because there was cloud cover that kept us from seeing any of that wonderful moon on Sunday!:-(

We had cloud cover because of showers in the area earlier   Once again, we enjoyed this:

Another rainbow.

It was quite a low-key week-end here for once.  Perhaps it was the "calm before the storm.":-)  Actually, this week is rather low-key.   I did play bridge at the Senior Center on Tuesday, and the cards were rather decent!  Afterwards, I enjoyed lunch out with eight other fellow retirees from my school.

Thank you to all of you for your caring comments on my last blog.   I appreciate your kindness.

Thank you for reading.  I appreciate your comments.


  1. Lovely pictures.

    You did catch the Full Strawberry Moon. :-)

    Low key is nice, me thinks. :-)

  2. I'm happy that you had a weekend to relax and prepare yourself for what was in store for you on Monday. Quiet times are hard to come by with your busy schedule, and you need more of those, IMHO! :-) Have a lovely day today, whatever you have on your schedule! LOVE the rainbow!

  3. Beautiful rainbow!! I got a look at that moon too. It was soooo bright.

  4. The rainbow is so pretty.

    I hope this is a good day for you Nellie!

  5. As busy as you are I bet you are nice to have a break. I like your photo of the rainbow.
    Very, very pretty.

  6. I swear that's a double rainbow... I see two arcs!

  7. Hi Nellie, you are a real live wire with all the extra activities that goes on in your life, never an idle moment.
    For once, it was the right thing to do and not bring your own lunch.

    I catered a church dinner once after a bridge tournament for retired school teachers. They had a ball.
    Unfortunately, I never learned to play bridge.

    I love full moon and rainbows. They are such gifts that we take for granted.

    Have a great weekend coming up.

  8. Hi Nellie... and thank you so much for your visit today!... love your pic of the moon... wasn't it spectacular!... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Sounds like you had fun, even though it was a busy weekend. Love your moon shot and that rainbow picture is wonderful- xo Diana