Saturday, July 27, 2013

A recent evening....

On a recent evening, The Husband and I went out for a walk along the street.  As we headed out, this is what greeted us in the southern sky.

When we looked to the west, this is what we saw.

Sunny in one direction, but ominous clouds in the other.

Along the walk, we saw these.

A neighbor across the street has planted these at the end of her driveway. 

We were able to complete our walk without being interrupted by any stormy conditions or rain.  In fact, we had three days in a row this week with no rain!  Amazing!

The week-end is here.  I hope you have some good plans.   Our forecast - chance of rain!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Yup. Here where I am, we did have some scattered HARD showers but realy, considering how rainy it has been all year, I consider these last few days rain free.

    I wish I could get some seeds to the giant plate-size sunflowers!

  2. Nellie, What a nice walk.I loved that flowerbed. We did not get the rain we wanted last had to water this morning.Enjoy today. xoxo,Susie

  3. It was really strange yesterday afternoon, with a HARD shower just a few miles east of you, near the mall. It didn't last long, though, so we had a dry trip home, where we noticed that there had been a short shower, which was not enough to bother anyone. Today, though, we are quite cloudy here, and I will not be surprised to have some rain---very muggy outside. I will consider this a good day for a nap! Have a great day!

  4. we are getting rain right now. i love walking around and seeing what people have planted in their yards.

  5. Great pictures of the sky and those beautiful flowers. I bet that you had a difficult time resisting picking some for a take home bouquet.

    It rain again this morning and the sun came out for a few minutes and it clouded over again. We'll get some more so I'm working indoors today.


  6. What a happy garden. I am so glad you had three days of sunshine. Maybe you will get some warm weather is August. :) Have a lovely weekend.

  7. That is such a cheery little patch of flowers. Crazy weather here too. The last 2 days were so hot and humid, almost unbearable. Today you need a sweater. Lol

  8. It always makes me smile when I hear of people taking walks. : )
    Those flowers are so very pretty. I like gardens like that.

  9. Interesting sky from one end to the next! We had a cool down thankfully, today was sunny but warm and muggy. We're expecting rain tomorrow, though. xo