Thursday, July 11, 2013

More of the museum....

Happy Thursday to everyone!  How has your week been?  Have you had some good times with everything else that has been scheduled?

I had promised a bit more of the Children's Museum that we visited last week when the Munchkins were here.

The play house.

This is another favorite parts of the museum.  As you can see, this play house fills up the area.  It is a life-size place that is perfect for children.  Both Munchkins have thoroughly enjoyed going into this building and taking care of all sorts of household activities.  There are even stairs in it!  Such a good display.

No pictures here, but there is a fantastic Rain Forest room, and Boy Munchkin always enjoys time there.  In an attached room, The Husband and I enjoyed working a jigsaw puzzle.  Fun for everyone!:-)

We took another outing while they were here. 

We were racing against these!

The picnic shelter was covered!

Water fountain for all!

Japanese Beetles have arrived!

Back home!
Unfortunately, we were not able to outrun those storm clouds, so we headed back home after our picnic under the shelter.  We were able to walk around a little while before the first rain drops hit!  We headed back home, and after the rain moved on away, the sun came out again.  That was the perfect time for fun on the Slip and Slide!

Munchomom, Machoman, and the Munchkins went on to visit with City Girl for the Fourth.  Then, they came back through on Saturday as they were returning home.

Have I mentioned that we have had rain this summer?:-)  Our area totals are only three inches away from our average YEARLY total rainfall, and we are not even in the middle of July!  Also, we have now had rain equal to our average total for the month of July, and more rain is on the way!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. The rain arrived here this morning - Big Time! Hope it ends before the weekend.
    Glad you had fun with the kiddies despite the weather.

  2. That kid house looks like so much fun for the kids, I love the picnic area with shelter. Very inviting.

    I saw some sticky traps for Japanese beetles in the hardware store a few days ago. My problem are earwigs. They can devour a new bedding plant over night.l

    We had rain also today and the sun is trying hard to come out.


  3. Sounds like a great day Nellie. Did you do slip/slide too?? I sure would not.LOL Hope your weekend is going to be as nice as ours is predicted to be.xoxo,Susie

  4. There's just something about water games that makes the children happy, especially when the temperature is in the 80s or above, which it has been for quite some time. You are getting a lot more rain than we're getting, just 40-some miles away, and so far today, we have not had any here, although it's been cloudy and it looks like somebody somewhere is getting a real bath! Hope your day is going well, Sister! :-)

  5. Sorry you got rained out but seems like fun was had anyway. : )
    We seem to be having the same kind of weather here too.

  6. LOVE that playhouse!!!

    Yes, you may have mentioned a time, or two, the rain you've been having. LOL!

  7. Rain, rain, go AWAY! That play house with the patriotic bunting reminds me of my dollhouses all dressed up for the 4th! What a fun museum!

  8. What FUN Nellie. Too bad the rain just couldn't hold off a little bit longer.

    I don't know where you are but I can tell you, I'm in central Pennsylvania and it has been raining here for days. Very rainy season. However, it hasn't rained yet today so I finally got to take some pictures of the garden and catch up with UG weeding, lol...

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  9. That rain total just blows my mind. I can't even imagine that, well I could if I was living in Oregon or Washington.
    So much rain.