Friday, July 26, 2013

Good for the imagination....

It all started with a simple birthday gift that Patrick gave to Omri - an Indian that he wasn't able to play with because he had no cowboys.  Well, Omri had no cowboys, either, but he did have a cupboard that was soon proven to have some magical powers.:-)  Or - Omri had an outstanding imagination.:-)

Do you know an older reader?

When I was teaching third-grade, I read the first book in this series - "The Indian in the Cupboard."  What was so neat about reading this book to the class is that several of the students - mainly boys - became interested in reading the other books in the series! 

Lynne Reid Banks from London, England is the author of these books.  She wrote others as well.  "The Fairy Rebel" is one that was appealing to girls.

These books are actually above the third-grade reading level, so an older reader would be able to appreciate them more readily.  In fact, I would like to read them again!:-)

Friday has arrived.  Do you have some exciting week-end plans?  About the greatest excitement around here is that we have had two entire days with no rain!:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Nellie, I have always tried to encourage children to read. It's the most important subject, because if you can read and comprehend, you can do all the other subjects. I think I need to get the book for girls.:):) xoxo,Susie

  2. This is yet another series of books that I am not familiar with, but I so agree that reading is a vital skill that needs to be encouraged in children as soon as they are able to recognize the letters of the alphabet! It's great that boys were interested in these works, and I'm sure Boy Munchkin will enjoy them. Have a wonderful day!

  3. I haven't heard of those but I love them already just having read your blog about them. xox

  4. This post reminded me when I was trying to get my second daughter to read the Anne Of Green Gables series and she was bucking me and would not read them so I picked one of the book and started to read aloud from it about Anne making a cake and accidentally using Horse Linement instead of vanilla and when she served a piece of cake to one of her nosy and critical neighbour, it tasted awful of course and it got my daughter interested in reading about all the funny situations Anne got herself into. From then on there were no stopping her, she loved the series and became a voracious reader and still is at 45.


  5. I totally loved the whole series. My favorite though was Indian in the Cupboard. I enjoyed the movie but the book was so much better.
    I read them to my boys and I have a cupboard that uses a key to open it. We would talk about it and I even found a old Indian that I put in there. As I was cleaning last week I found the whole set and I did think I need to sit and read them all.
    I do love children's literature. I am so glad you do too. We have showers and thundershowers in the forecast and we are under a flash flood warning. I doubt if we see much but a few sprinkles. It is a nice break from the heat so It should be a nice day.
    Have a lovely Friday, Nellie.

  6. Oh I remember these books I had girls but they read everything. Haying weekend for me busy busy time of year. Have a nice weekend. B

  7. Oh my daughter loved those books when she was little and read them over and over again.
    Maybe a little relaxing this weekend for us. It's sure been a couple of busy weeks getting settled!!

  8. What fun books, Nellie. I love that my grandkids read. I have a house full of company coming for the weekend- xo Diana

  9. I've not come across these books before. Perhaps I'll see if I can get some for me grandchildren!! Joan

  10. Nellie, my girls love this book! They've only read the first one so we will need to find the rest of the series, but they frequently talk about putting dolls in the magic cabinet. I love this idea, love that this has fueled this excitement for them!