Friday, December 6, 2013

Christmas reading....and a winner!

Happy Friday to you!  How has this first week in December been for you?  Are you enjoying this special season? 

Reading is one way I find to enhance the mood of the season.  This is what I am reading at this point.

This book has a reading for every day during Advent.

When I was in the classroom, I learned about Jan Brett.  She quickly became one of my favorite authors.  She is also the illustrator for her books.

Colorful cover.

Charming illustrations.

Even recipe directions!

Included in the margins of the pages!

Add one egg!

A fold out page at the end of the book!

Also a favorite of mine!

A wonderful story about lining up the reindeer.

  If you are looking for some books that will be enjoyable to children, these are really good options.

Now, to the winner of the Susan Branch mini-wall calendar.  There were several of you who were entered.  "Two Birdies and a B" was the name drawn.  I have sent her an email letting her know that she has won.

I am sorry everyone couldn't win, but there will be another giveaway coming up on Monday, so come back to see about that one!

I don't know where all the followers of this blog are located.  I just want to wish you safety during this storm that is moving across the United States and will impact so many!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Congratulations to your winner!

    These are some really great illustrations in this book, and I'm sure that children enjoy those a lot! We only have a bit of rain here, as you know, but I do have friends in other parts of the country who have been "blessed" with more "white" conditions, and many of them have no choice but to drive in those conditions, so my prayers are with them during this time. Snow is lovely to look at, but can be very treacherous when one must try to navigate a vehicle around it! Have a lovely day!

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  3. Congratulations to the winner, lucky girl.
    Stay safe and warm in the storm.
    Take care, Hugs,

  4. Congratulations to the lucky winner!

    No snow here today for which I am thankful!

  5. I always thing the hardest thing about having a giveaway is that not everyone can win and I always wish they could. :) I had forgot about Jan Brett. She had her page on the internet and I would get coloring pages when the kids were small. I always enjoyed her art work and her books.
    Thank you for that reminder and stay warm Nellie.

  6. Nellie, Beautiful books. I am happy for the blogger who won your sweet calender. Glad you made it through the winter storm...we got an inch of snow, more predicted to come our way..I just feel blessed that we did not get so much ice to lose power. Praying for those who got the worse of the storm. xoxo,Susie

  7. Great illustrations and your photos of them!

    Congratulations to the winner!

    Hope you are staying warm!

  8. Thanks, Nellie, for choosing my blog! I love Susan Branch. I feel excited for 2014 to arrive! Thanks for the good wishes. xo

  9. Hi Nellie , Congrats to the winner . My kids love the books you share and thanks so much :)

  10. Lucky her!! : )
    Looks like some really good books there.

  11. Lovely books Nellie. I know some young people who would enjoy Gingerbread Friends. A bit reminiscent of Susan Branch's style.
    I've enjoyed reading your recent colourful and interesting posts. Great photos!
    I'm sure Barbara of 'Two Birdies and a B' will enjoy her calendar through the year. I ordered and have received the same for some of my friends as Christmas gifts.
    Hope your readers have stayed safe during the terrible storm.
    Have a lovely week-end.

  12. Love the illustrations! "Two Birdies" is one of my favorite bloggers and I'm so happy for her. Take good care and keep cozy!

  13. Congratulations to your winner!

    Jan Brett is amazing. She's always a favorite at our house. Her illustrations are gorgeous and she includes all sorts of lesson plans on her website!

  14. Oh how adorable and how I wish I had been here to enter. xox

  15. Oh those books are adorable! Congratulations to your winner..they are so lucky!