Saturday, December 7, 2013


Happy Saturday to you!  I hope wherever you are,  you are staying warm and dry!  The rain has slowed here for awhile at least, though it is expected to return on Sunday.  Our temperatures are more seasonal, after a record high temperature of 76 degrees on Thursday.

As promised, here is an attempt at recreating my table setting from Advent By Candlelight.

Ten places were set at the table.

I chose a green tablecloth this year, a new purchase from Aldi's for only $10.00!  The china is Noel by Salem, the crystal is Lady Anne by Gorham, and the flatware is Chateau by Oneida.  I used the wooden dough bowl for the centerpiece.  The Husband cut off holly from our bushes, and I arranged it in the bowl with the candles sitting in the foil-lined bowl.  They are cranberry-scented candles, and they gave off a wonderful aroma when lit!  The napkin ring is actually a ring designed to trim a taper candle holder!  Favors were silver bells which I found at a local antique/craft store.

This is a busy UMW week-end.  There will be more about that in a future post.

This is also a busy sports week-end.  The Vols will play basketball today, and the game is televised.  Later in the day will be the SEC Football championship game between Missouri and Auburn, also televised. 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Your table setting is beautiful and very festive.Happy weekend Nellie.

  2. You always arrange everything so beautifully, and I can just imagine the aroma from those cranberry candles!

    We probably won't watch any of those sports events, but I certainly am rooting for the Vols! A win for Auburn would be nice, too, since our DIL is a devout WAR EAGLE! Have a great afternoon! :-)

  3. Do you use these at home during the holiday season? I like those coffee cups!

  4. I so like you Nellie. Your blogs and just you make me smile every time. You are a dear woman and friend. xox

  5. Hi Nellie , what a beautiful table setting , are you almost ready for Xmas , thanks for sharing :)

  6. Nellie, I really like your table setting. The dishes are beautiful. I have my favorite table cloths too. xoxox,Susie

  7. Those dishes are so pretty. We've always said we were going to buy a set of Christmas dishes but we always tell ourselves we have too many dishes now. Lol

  8. Your table setting was beautiful! I hope your enjoying your busy weekend! Your temps sound wonderful, even with the

  9. I knew a lady who bought a set of dishes every year...I bet some of those were Christmas designs. I always wondered where she stored them. But she had a 3-story house with kitchens on two floors...maybe she had a lot of storage right in the house.
    The desire for lots of pretty dishes is something many women can relate to!
    I do love that Noel pattern.