Saturday, December 28, 2013

More celebrating....

The week-end is here!  Some of you may be having your Christmas gatherings today rather than earlier in the week.  I hope you have been able to spend some time with those people whom you love the most.

As I mentioned in last Monday's post, not only did we celebrate Christmas this week, we also celebrated birthdays!  Munchomom, Machoman, and the Munchkins arrived on Sunday, as did City Girl.  We enjoyed cookies the day before the birthday!

Christmas trees!

More cookies!

The next day it was time to think about birthdays!

Birthday cake!

Whipped cream is the filling!

 This was a new recipe that Munchomom had sent along for her birthday cake.  We served it on Monday night, and it was delicious! 

I seem to be missing a picture of Country Girl's cake.:-(  She had requested an Orange Pound Cake with walnuts!  It was very good, too!

It has been a week of great times here!  More details will come in a future post!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Well, I can certainly vouch for the fine quality of those cookies and that chocolate cake! Everything I sampled was yummy! I also enjoyed Country Girl's cake, and will be happy to see your picture of it when you post it. Being your sister has many advantages, and my hubby and I enjoyed our time with you all on Monday evening! Have a wonderful Saturday, Sister! :-)

  2. It all looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and the food looks incredible.

  3. glad to hear you are having such a good week! the cookies and cake look so good!

  4. Wow, more cookies. They look so pretty. I baked one batch of cookies for Christmas and they went fast. I must say, I ate my share.

    Happy New Year.

  5. OH OH OH OH! OOOOOHHHH! And Orange pound cake with walnuts too? I feel woozy and I am about to faint.

  6. OMC - I'm coming over to your house. Just look at all those wonderful sweet treats. Yummm. They are beautiful.

  7. that cake looks soooo goooooddd!!

  8. Wow that cake looks so good...have a very happy weekend!

  9. Hi Nellie , what a wonderful week you had and the cookies and cake is just awesome . Thanks for sharing :)

  10. What a fun week of celebrating you've had. All those yummy sweets and heavenly cakes!