Monday, May 11, 2015

Over the week-end.....

....we took a trip to visit with Muncho Mom, Macho Man, and the Munchkins.  It is always a lot of fun as Macho Man and The Husband take over responsibility in the kitchen, and we women have an extra chance to relax a bit. 

This is part of Macho Man's handiwork -

This was a gluten-free cake (King Arthur's mix), and the frosting had avocado as an ingredient!  It was delicious!

These roses came from a local supermarket - Chantilly, they are called.

When we arrived home, though, this is what greeted us from the week-end -

The David Austen rose has burst into bloom!

We expect summerlike temperatures here this week, with no chance of rain until the week-end.  How is it where you are?


  1. I don't know which is prettier, the cake or the roses! :-) It looks as if Macho Man did a marvelous job on that cake! Your rose bush is wonderful, too, and I hope there are some more buds that will bloom soon. It seems a shame for such a bush to bloom all at once, then just stop blooming. We have a prediction of some stormy weather this afternoon and evening, but that's hard to believe with the brilliant sunshine we have now. Have a marvelous Monday, Sister, whatever the weather holds for us! :-)

  2. What a nice cake. IT sounds wonderful. I love the roses and the David Austin roses blooming.
    Have a wonderful time with that warm weather. We will be warm today, but we might have rain but Thursday. So it is all good. Happy Monday!

  3. Evening Nellie ,
    I would love a hunk of Macho Man cake , the texture looks so deliciously good .
    The David Austin Roses is beautiful , my visits has been very few lately because hubby aunty fell , broke her leg (she lives with us) she is much better .
    Thanks for visiting me . Nee :)

  4. That cake looks delicious and the roses are very pretty. I hope that you had a wonderful Mother's Day.
    I like it when the guys take over and let the women rest for a while.

    Have a great week.

  5. That cake looks fantastically delicious and MANmade, no less! That sounds like the perfect takeover! Beautiful roses, too.

    Our weather forecast isn't as promising as yours.

  6. Summer like days here too. : ) Very nice.

  7. Avocado in the frosting? How is that? It's been thundering on and off here since about 3 p.m. It's rained in a couple of little bursts--enough to make Franklin want to stay in the house.