Tuesday, September 17, 2019


....is passing quickly!  Have you taken time to make some special September memories?

One thing I always enjoy doing in September is visiting an apple orchard.  The Husband is fond of picking his own.  I am willing to allow others that pleasure, and I'll choose mine from those they have picked.:-)  We were recently able to make some purchases from Barber's Orchard near Waynesville, NC.  The varieties available depend on those that are "in season."

I'm hearing remarks about decorating for fall.  Before I feel like it's time for that, our high temperatures will have to be lower than the nineties!  Maybe even lower than the high-eighties!  This feels like the middle of summer, not the verge of autumn!

I'll wait until October to spread the pumpkins and mums around, maybe even the middle of the month.  Our front steps face the west, and the heat from that setting sun is certainly able to roast a pumpkin!

"What do you do with the apples from the orchard?"  Is that what you are wondering?  The following pictures show the journey of some McIntosh apples.

The first apple pie of the season!

What is your favorite way to enjoy apples?


  1. Good afternoon, Sister! While I do enjoy a good apple pie, or a homemade fried apple pie, I actually prefer to find a good, crisp apple and munch on it, all the way to the core. It sure looks a mess when I'm done with it! I'm with you about these hot temps. Talk to me about fall when it gets below 80, please! Love you!

  2. By the way, your pie looks scrumptious!

  3. Nellie, I must say, I really like the way you decorate with apples. :) That pie is so yummy looking. I bet it made a wonderful aroma while baking. I remember reading many of your posts about baking and cooking and I would think ....walking by your house would make me sniff the air. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  4. Sometimes it is nice just to hold an apple and eat it like it is. : ) My favorite apple to eat like that is a honey crisp.

  5. Wow. I love the look of that pie! I’ve been out picking blackberries from the hedges. I used. To make blackberry and apple jelly but don’t think I will this year. I’ve put them in the freezer for now and think I’ll make blackberry and apple crumble for sweet when the family visit!