Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Time passes....

Already, it's September 3!  For some, this is the first day of the new school year.  Where I am, however, the school year began for students a month ago, and before school inservice for teachers began on July 29!

Many of you know that I am a retired elementary public school teacher.  This is the 17th school year that I am not beginning since I've been retired since the end of the school year in 2003!

Wanting to be sure that I am not missing anything (chuckle), I picked up this book recently and have been grabbing moments to read it.

It is apparent that this book has been written for someone younger than I am!  In the years since I've retired, I've enjoyed a variety of activities that have filled my time very nicely!

How about you?  Are you retired?  Have you managed to fill your time with meaningful activities?  Have you decided that part time work is for you?  Do you think that you should fill every minute with something "productive?" If you are considering retirement, this book may be a good source of information for you!

My "retirement" accomplishments for this day?  The bed is made, all the puzzles in the newspaper worked, and I'm enjoying the coolness of the morning on the porch before the heat of the sun becomes too much!

Take care of yourselves!


  1. Nellie, You made me smile. Bed made, puzzles done. LOL. That's what we do here too. When being retired , believe me there is always work you can find to do. I think I retired from a paycheck but not from working. LOL When thinking of retirement,I dreamed of wearing nice clothes and going out to lunch with the ladies all the time ,that I would not be traveling...remember I said dreamed. LOL There's always work here. I am thankful to the good Lord that I can still do some physical stuff. But my arms seem to be dragging the ground afterwards. :) Aren't you glad you are retired though, you would be in class at the end of July...that's not right. Blessings to you sweet friend, xoxo, Susie

  2. Technically, I should have retired 18 months ago, but the UK government keeps shifting the retirement goal posts. I now have 5 years to wait. Hopefully, they won't shift them again, but there is talk of it.

    ~~~Waving from Wales xoxo

  3. Good afternoon, Sister! As you know, I spend too much time on the computer, doing useless things like Facebook. :-) Recently, however, I've been attentive to my husband who broke his left hip and hand in April and has not been able to learn to walk again. Soooo, I spend each lunchtime with him, enjoying the delicious food they serve. For a $2 guest tray, I eat very well. I also try to find joke books and such things that might bring him a chuckle or two. This is not the way we thought we'd spend our retirement, but at least we're still breathing! Love you!

  4. I'm just waiting. Waiting for the hurricane. Waiting for retirement unless I get fired first. I manage to have fun and be productive while I wait, though.