Tuesday, December 3, 2019

For Tuesday....

How did you spend this day?  For me, it was a day to be out and about in all the activity.  That did include lunch with a group from church, so there was a slower pace for a little while.

Now, it seems fitting to begin the evening with a relaxing cup of hot chocolate, topped with homemade whipped cream and accented with a peppermint stick!  Once again, Susan Branch has designed the perfect mug for enjoying this delicious drink!  Also, the tea towel is one of her designs.

Someone has asked me how long I've had these mugs (the one from yesterday was one of a set of four), and I'm not really sure.  I know that the date on the bottom is 2003, and I remember finding them in a shop in an outlet mall.  I was thrilled to discover them!

There were some other finds on that shopping trip, and I will be featuring them in the days ahead.

Enjoy your evening!


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  2. Good evening, Sister! My day included a trip to Wally World to get a long outdoor extension cord to help me decorate my patio.....isn't that exciting??!? Your cup of hot chocolate looks mighty appetizing in that lovely mug! Hope your evening is going well as your bedtime nears. Love you!

  3. I started my big winter clean getting into the corners ready to do a little decorating. How lovely are your mugs?