Wednesday, December 4, 2019

This day...

....was made for Cookie Monster!  Did you know that today is National Cookie Day?

After having to be away earlier in the day, it was late afternoon/early evening before I was able to spend some time working on something appropriate for celebrating this special day.

The Merry Christmas serving plate is a Susan Branch design dated 2003 on the back.  It was one of the finds on that outlet mall shopping trip a number of years ago.

Do you have your cookies ready for this day?


  1. Those look good. We painted cookies last night-grandgirl and I. I love that Susan Branch plate. I love everything she does. xo Diana

  2. No cookies here, Sister, but I have some yummy Little Debbie pecan spins! Does that count? LOL Enjoy your cookies and your evening. Love you!

  3. Every day should be National Cookie Day!