Tuesday, June 1, 2021


 I am able to report some progress with the project mentioned in the last post.

There are many spots that need that “touch up.”  Country Girl volunteered to come and assist us with that part of the project.  

You may notice those frames that are leaning against the mirror.  The goal is to have the frames mounted over the mirror.  There is one small complication.  The mirror is attached to the wall with screws and clips that create a hindrance to the frame fitting flush against the wall.  Efforts to create a “slot” for that (in the underneath side of the frame) have not been a rousing success.  We will keep at it!

Other projects await!  It will be a busy summer!


  1. Well, Sister, I like your progress so far! Not sure what to do about that frame, though, but I'm sure you and The Husband, with Country Girl's help, with come up with a good solution. You've always had a diligent spirit, and I know you'll keep at it! Can hardly wait to see your next project. Love you!

  2. That's going to look splendid. I hope you find the solution to make your frame fit.

  3. Looking good! And good luck with the frame! Take care

  4. Looks wonderful - good luck with the frame. I would love to do this to our mirror so I will be rooting you on and looking for ideas !