Thursday, October 7, 2021

Since last we met….

 Whew!  The days seem to be flying by!  We seem to be busy, yet often have nothing to show for all our busyness!

I did get around to baking that apple pie….

Found this creature chomping away on my geranium….should have offered it a bite of pie!

There are several signs of fall in the neighborhood….

Then, there is this that is definitely not at that “last rose of summer “ stage….

Baseball playoffs have begun.  Are you a fan? 

Deep Dish Pizza, perfect for game night!

We had our flu shots on the 24th, then our boosters on the 29th.  Hopefully we are protected for the months ahead.

I stay on schedule for my mammogram.  This is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Are you up-to-date with yours?  

Take care, and stay safe and well!


  1. It looks like Fall is knocking at your door, Nellie. We are seeing a few small signs here and there as well. I always like seeing your lovely baking. Fall just says apple pie to me!
    We had our boosters and our flu vaccines this afternoon. I have my mammogram next month. It's so important. A dear family member has had a terrible year having chemo, surgery, and radiation and now reconstrution.
    Take care, and stay safe as well, Nellie. xo

  2. Your baking always looks delicious. Time is slipping so fast here too from being always so busy. Fall is definitely here and the leaves are turning red and all the beautiful colors.
    My mammogram was booked several months ago.

    Take care, stay well and safe.

  3. Oh, Sister! That pie looks good enough to eat, and I'm sure it was. I'll be having my flu shot in a few weeks, then my booster as soon as the company says it's been approved. In the meantime, I continue to mask up when in public; I think that's just a good idea for anyone, actually. Stay dry out on your end of town! Love you!

  4. I have not gotten my mammogram yet. Your question is a good reminder. I must call for the appointment. It just occurred to me that sprinkling cinnamon on the crust of an apple pie might look nice and make it even yummier. I have promised Sweet Cheeks grilled chicken on Saturday and he is pleased.


  5. Apple pie looks delicious!
    I've only gotten a flu shot once in my life!

  6. Your apple pie looks scrumptious, Nellie. I wish I had a piece to go with my afternoon coffee. My son played baseball in high school, but not much of a fan. He played football for many years, so I went to every game and enjoy that a bit more. The roses are so pretty, and still lingering on through the Fall.

    Have a good week ahead, Nellie.


  7. Nellie, your pie looks scrumptious and I love your Fall pictures. Take care, Jane