Tuesday, June 21, 2022

It was smooth sailing…

 I have heard from a few people about experiencing rough seas when they were on board a ship.  We were very fortunate to have smooth sailing on our trip from New York City to Southampton, UK.

This was a trip that I never dared dream would come true!  I was focused on taking pictures of everything I wanted to remember!  I’ve mentioned earlier that I would post about the food, and this is the beginning of that.

This was my first meal on board the Queen Mary 2…

Well, of course dessert would post first!  Someone has said, “Life is uncertain.  Eat dessert first!”  However, I didn’t follow that rule.
In an effort to make a healthy choice, I ordered cod…with caper sauce!  It was delicious!

Being able to order room service for breakfast was a definite treat!  The following pictures indicate some of my choices…
This was quite a new experience for me!  Breakfast served in my room!  My, my!  The toast is wrapped up in that napkin!
There was quite an ample serving!  In fact, I was able to save enough for an egg sandwich in the small refrigerator in the stateroom, and that was my breakfast on the morning we disembarked when hours for breakfast service were altered. 
I tried several options.  Healthy oatmeal…
…and the bread basket for a special treat.

As I am composing this, it is very near our usual dinner hour.  I believe I’ve given myself an appetite!  There is nothing on our menu quite like these choices, however.  

There were four on board whom I knew, and we were seated together at the same table at dinner.  We chuckled about how we were always taking photographs of the food as they did the same thing, too!  More food to follow…

On this first official day of summer, our thermometer has reached 95 degrees!  Definitely recommended to stay hydrated, and stay somewhere cool!  


  1. Well, Sister, I enjoyed looking at your food pics! Of course, as you know, I'm all about food! LOL Now, you've given me an appetite, but I promise to be careful - just not TOO careful. (wink, wink) Yes, our temps today have been quite warm, and the next several days are predicted to carry a good bit of warmth with them, but the humidity is much more conducive to comfort, so I'll take it! Love you!

  2. You must have felt like royalty, being served all that delicious food and not having to prepare the food or clean up.
    I'm glad it was smooth sailing all the way.
    I've never been on a cruise but I know a lot of people who have.

    On our first day of summer, the sun finally came out but it was a coolish day. When I came in from checking my potatoes, it was 15 degree Celcius or 59 F. Now at 10:26 PM , it's 13 degree C. or 55.4. They announce 7 degree C. or 44.6 for tomorrow morning.
    It's unbelievable how the temperature is fluctuating.

  3. What an exciting trip Nellie, I have always wanted to travel on board the Queen Mary II hopefully one of these days... The food and presentation looks delightful, traditional English fayre and all the trimmings. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

  4. Very splendid moments you have enjoyed. 🌺🌹🌸👍👍

  5. Hi Nellie! I haven't looked at all your posts yet, but so far I see you had quite an adventure starting in New York City. I think I would NOT take a boat to England BECAUSE of the food. I would have to lose 5 lbs. at least once I got home. haha That's too much work for me.

  6. Wow....everything looks SO good! Thanks for sharing the photos with us. Smooth sailing home !

  7. Well, I never saw toast wrapped up in a serviette before! I can tell you all about rough seas on a long sea crossing, of the kind to make your toes curl!

  8. What a wonderful selection of delicious food! I'm glad you had a fabulous cruise! My husband and I sailed on the Queen Mary 2 for our 30th Anniversary almost 18 years ago--it was her maiden year. We visited New England and Canada --we sailed down the St Lawrence Seaway all the way to Quebec--such good memories.

  9. Nellie, your meals look delicious. I especially liked the breakfast dishes. Oatmeal with bananas and eggs and toast, and those pastries! Sounds like you had good company at dinner also. It's wonderful that you could take this trip. I look forward to seeing more pictures of the food. We love food in our family haha


  10. Sounds like you had a good time, and the food looks good. Popped in from a mutual friends blog. It's always fun to meet new bloggers.

  11. Love seeing your food photos. I'm always snapping pictures of meals, too. I just need to get more people pictures. So glad to have the photo of our wonderful visit when you were in NYC.

  12. Nellie, I'm so glad you were able to take that trip. Sounds grand! Unfortunately, I have extreme motion sickness, so even the most stable ship on the calmest seas would not work for me. Room service breakfast would be on my must-do list. And I like anything with caper sauce.