Saturday, June 11, 2022

More from the ship…

 I am convinced that sailing on the Queen Mary II is the way to go to England!  

This is how I was welcomed to the stateroom…
It was a surprise to see this box of Godiva chocolates on the table.
I had not expected such a delicious welcoming!
There were approximately 90 Susan Branch “girlfriends” on board.  Some of us are gathered here on deck for our first sight of Susan and Joe.
Susan gave us a welcome on board, with the reminder to be sure to watch for the Statue of Liberty as the ship sails from the harbor!
Just a bit out of order.  Oh, well.  I have never been able to master this adding pictures thing.  Anyway, there was special decor all around the ship.  This is an example.
Sure enough, there is the Statue of Liberty!
Every day at noon, from Tuesday on, we were instructed to advance our time pieces an hour.  This bell would sound at the correct time.
This is only one view of the library on the ship.
More decor from the ship.
These two statues were in place on either side of the entrance into the Planetarium.

This is a view of the interior of the Planetarium.
More wall display.
This is from the interior of the theater where entertainment was presented.  Vocalists, pianists, dancers, comedy acts…such a beautiful space. 

On the screen before our session with Susan and Rachel was this image of Joe holding their kitty, Jack.
Susan and Rachel (from England) preparing to present a session on letter-writing and the development of their friendship via hand-written letters.

There is much, much more!  I haven’t even mentioned the food!  That’s for another day!  

As I may have mentioned, passengers on the Queen Mary II had to bring documentation of up-to-date vaccination, a negative COVID test within two days of sailing, and we were required to wear masks at all times when we were outside our stateroom.  All employees were masked as well.  I definitely felt safe taking this trip.

Have a good weekend!


  1. Oh, Sister! What a wonderful experience you had! Being on the same ship with folks who share your enthusiasm for Susan Branch writings must have given you all some great conversation! I can't wait to hear about all the fabulous food on that ship. As you know, I cruised several years ago (on a different ship, different cruise line), and there was so much food that I could have never tasted all of it! Oh, but I had more than enough, though. One special dessert was called dark chocolate melting cake, and it defies description! I'm so glad you had this opportunity. Memories enough for a lifetime! Love you!

  2. Glad you enjoyed your cruise to England. Sounds like a wonderful time for you.
    I've been on one cruise and must say it is just not for me. : ) I was glad when it ended.

  3. Oh Nellie, Thank you so much for sharing these little glimpses of your voyage on the Queen Mary II with Susan. Memories to cherish for a lifetime! Looking forward to more...

  4. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time. I'm only sorry my own serious health issues and medical appointments prevented us from meeting up.

  5. I would go for the chocolates.


  6. Oh, Nellie - I am so glad you got to go on the Susan Branch adventure. When it was announced I wanted to go but we had a trip booked and paid for...that was later cancelled due to Covid and all the horror in Ukraine. THANK YOU for sharing this wonderful adventure....looking forward to more posts about your fabulous adventure!!!