Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Time in New York…

 The Queen Mary 2 sailed from the Brooklyn Terminal, making it necessary to travel to New York for my first time!  Oldest daughter came to town and flew with me.

Flying high over the clouds!  There are a couple of non-stop flights from here to New York, and we were able to travel on one that left in mid-afternoon.  

As we walked along in New York, of course we needed to have something to eat!

This was a posted menu from the restaurant pictured below.
This was our destination for breakfast on a Saturday morning.  Operated by an English woman, it was a great opportunity to sample a British-type breakfast.
The serving was extremely generous, as you can see!  Sausage rolls, beans, and mash…couldn’t eat it all!

After walking along the streets a bit and doing some shopping, we were ready for the next opportunity to eat!
Fraunce’s Tavern, the oldest restaurant in NYC!
This is part of the menu…

Clam chowder proved to be a very excellent choice!

Walking from our hotel to Times Square was good exercise for all this good food!
We ate at Sardi’s, which hadn’t been reopened very long since closure caused by COVID.
I chose Lentil Stew, and it was absolutely delicious!  

Munchkin the Older is heading to New York this fall.
He will be attending New York University!  Most likely, he will spend some time in this building…the library!
A welcome sign is already in place!

We are having some days of high temperatures and a high heat index!  How about where you are?  Stay cool!


  1. Wow! Your first trip to New York. I haven't been there in many years, but I love the excitement of the city. It's very hot and humid here. We had a heat advisory until 7 p.m.


  2. Well, Sister, you've had some wonderful adventures this spring, and it's good that your daughter was able to join you in NYC. You saw some great sights, and I'm glad you took so many pictures to share with us. I'm sure Munchkin the Elder will be sharing many exciting reports of his first semester at NYU. So happy you had this opportunity! Love you!

  3. Nice pictures of your first time to NYC. Glad you enjoyed the day.
    I grew up in northern NJ and just about 20 miles or so away.