Monday, September 25, 2023

Autumn’s arrival….

 Images from the first day of Autumn….

The morning sun was good to emphasize the glorious blue sky!

Some necessary work has been done to eliminate a spruce tree that had grown so much it blocked the sidewalk!  Now, we’ll need to pressure wash the sidewalk!  Maintenance keeps us busy!
This is my favorite season of the year!  I love the fall colors and flavors, the celebration of Thanksgiving, and it is the forerunner of Christmas, that much-loved holiday!  

We held to a tradition of enjoying Cream of Rice with dried cranberries and walnuts for breakfast.  I confess that I added a taste of butter.  The Husband even drizzled honey over his!  It’s time to enjoy Susan Branch’s Autumn mug!

Have the colors of fall arrived where you are?


  1. The trees are started to turn here.
    I enjoy Fall but it seems to come around way to fast lately! :)

  2. Well, Sister, since I'm just on the opposite end of town from you, you probably know that our leaves haven't decided to put on their fall wardrobe yet, but it shouldn't be much longer. A short drive to the Smoky Mountains might give us a bit more color, but those colors will be in full bloom in about 3 more weeks. I can hardly wait! It's also my favorite season! Love you!

  3. We identify with the keeping busy with chores, Nellie! Lovely sky photos in your area. We had Opehlia on the first day of Autumn, but so glad to get rain. Happy Autumn!

  4. What a cozy post to start the SB mug !!! I so want to get some of her creations, but I made a vow...NO MORE MUGS!