Saturday, April 28, 2012

Another time....

Do you remember the time when we would actually receive a telephone bill in the mailbox?  Just a bill for the telephone - no cable, no Internet, nothing else added on?  And - get this!  We could understand what all the charges were on the bill!! 

Well, it was during that "time" that this recipe came my way.  Our telephone company would include leaflets with recipes and other helpful hints with their bill.  This one sounded like a winner, and it has been enjoyed here ever since - probably the early eighties!

There are no pictures.  I will just have to let you  use your imagination to arrive at an image of how this cake must appear.  It is The Husband's favorite, and since his birthday was yesterday (27th), he was due a special cake as well.


1 package (18 1/2 oz.) butter flavor cake mix
2 cups sugar
1 carton (8-oz.) sour cream
1 package (12-oz.) frozen coconut, thawed (available only in the 6-oz. size at my market)
1 1/2 cup whipped cream (or frozen whipped topping, thawed)

- Prepare cake according to directions, making two 8-inch layers.  Split both layers horizontally after they have cooled.
- Blend together sugar, sour cream, and coconut, and chill.
- Spread all but one cup of the sour cream mixture between the four layers.
- Blend the remaining cup of the mixture with the whipped topping and spread on top and sides of cake. 
- Seal airtight in refrigerator for three days before serving.  Keep refrigerated after cutting.

Now, most of my baking, etc. is done from "scratch," with very few mixes or short cuts, but this is one recipe for which I will use a mix.  It is a really tasty cake, and EVERYONE who was here last night - and again today at lunch - greatly enjoyed it!

Muncho Mom, Macho Man, and the two Munchkins came yesterday around dinnertime, and Country Girl and New Husband joined us a little later.  It was a very merry time as we celebrated our birthdays.  We expect City Girl to arrive later today, and perhaps we will see Country Girl and New Husband again as well as we will celebrate City Girl's birthday.  The Muncho family has had to return home.:(

So - it's off to do that frosting for  City Girl's cake!  I promise there will be a picture of this one - before we eat it all!:-)

I notice I have some new followers!  Thank you so much for joining in with this little blog!  I appreciate you who are reading along and love reading your comments.

Next post - Well, I still need to cover that meal for the Adult Day Care program at our church.  I also think we are due a picture/frosting recipe for a cake.  Stay tuned....


  1. This recipe sounds delicious- I can see why your husband loves it. It sounds like a great family weekend with all the celebrations going on. Blessings-Diana

  2. I have had this cake, and even though I'm not exceptionally fond of coconut, this is really tasty! It stays good for several days in the fridge--if you can keep people from finishing it off! :-)

    I'll look forward to those upcoming recipes!

  3. Delicious! But I'm such a wimp, I'd never attempt 4 layers and the frosting of them. Wimp=Me!!!! ,-)

    Happy Birthday to the Birthday people!
    Enjoy family time... :-)

    Oh my yes! An individual bill! Which was understandable! Mmmmm, we date ourselves, don't we Dear, when we have such memories. -gigggles-

    "The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud."
    ~Coco Chanel

  4. OH yummy, this sounds like such a great recipe.
    It sounds like a good birthday cake to me. :) Ugh, shoot, next week. :)

  5. This sounds delicious but I've reached that age where I've got to be so careful ;(