Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring continues....

Good Wednesday morning to each of you!

As is the case for many, we have had some very unseasonably warm temperatures for several weeks.  There have been many springtime flowers blooming early.  The dogwoods and redbuds have already bloomed at this point, and azaleas are blooming.

As we had feared, we had low temperatures last night, but thankfully no frost.  That may be a different story tonight, though, as the predicted low is near freezing.

The Knock-Out Rose bush is full of buds!

This little lilac bush, set out last year, is really doing great!

Azaleas along a hillside.

White azaleas bursting forth!
The wild blackberries on our property are blooming, and the blueberry bushes are full of those lovely green berries that will be turning blue!  Spring is marching right along.

Thank you so much for following along and leaving your comments.  I love reading them!

Next post - Back to the kitchen!


  1. It looks so pretty and I love all of your flowers.
    Yes, we are supposed to have frost tonight and tomorrow too.
    I am so glad we don't have anything outside yet.
    Have a wonderful day today Nellie.

  2. Beautiful, Nellie. I can't believe all the lilacs you have on that little bush! Gorgeous- xo Diana

  3. Your yard is a real showplace this time of year, and the MOTH takes great care of things outside! I hope tonight will not be too much of a shock for those tender blossoms, and that the blueberries will not be discouraged by this cool snap. It's hard to cover EVERYTHING that needs protection. Just cover it all with prayer! :-)

  4. Oh Nellie...everything seems to be blooming at your house and they are beautiful!! I pray the frost missed you last night...


  5. Oh my it looks like I've missed alot of posts. Nellie it sure would help if you added an email sign up place to your blog. That way I know I won't miss a post of yours. Its not hard. Just google tutorials on blogger and someone should have how to do it. My grandaughter did it for me when we set the blog up 5months ago.

    Love all the gorgeous flowering bushes in your area. So pretty. And your cookies look so delicious. I've never used jello in a cookie so must try this. Thanks for the recipe.

    Your bunnies are darling. Loved them on the table with the carrot plate!! And Country Girls hair is gorgeous. Your pasta primavera sounds delish as does your company peas. How blessed the Adult care people are to have you do such wonderful cooking for them. And CONGRATS on your award. It was so fun reading all about you. Being a lifetime WW is quite an accomplishment!! 43 years married...well I've got you beat in Sept. it will be 49 for us. (smile) I've always wanted to learn how to play bridge. If you lived closer I'd have you teach me. You are one very neat lady Nellie and I am so glad that I've gotten to be friends with you here in blogland.



    PS Now PLEASE go get the email dingy hooey thingy added to your sidebar. Your readers anxious! (smile)

  6. Yaaaaaaaayy....Nellie!!! You did it! You did it! And I just signed up for your email. I am SO proud of you girlfriend!!! Now I won't miss a post again. I'm just tickled pink!!


  7. Beautiful! Your yard has to be so colorful with all these. :) I loooooooove Lilacs. The scent is my idea of heaven on earth. ♥