Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Interrupted by spring....

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  Rather than continuing on with recipes today, I am taking a break to show some pictures of spring  around here!

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to my alma mater for a special program and awarding of medallions to new Gold Club members, of which I am one this year! 

These were blooming along the Interstate on our way.

Blueberry bushes already blooming here!

Lovely blooms across the street from us.

Tulips, now all finished.

Our dwarf cherry tree in bloom.

Asparagus from our patch!

The medallion the members of my class will receive this year.
This has been a very warm spring here!  There have been a few record-setting high temperatures, so things have bloomed really early.  I suspect that is the story for many of you.  We hope this doesn't mean an even hotter summer! 

However, The Husband has planted potatoes and corn, with tomatoes waiting until just a bit later - just in case of that chance for late frost.  We also have had some treats from the garden already.

Swiss Chard that "wintered over" and has new growth this spring.

We have enjoyed fresh greens that have new growth, thanks to the mild winter.  So, there have been blessings from our mild winter.:-)

Thank you for following along.  I really appreciate you and enjoy reading your comments.

Next post - Back to cooking.


  1. We have a chance of frost this weekend. I am glad even though I am tempted not to plant. Your garden goodies look great.
    So do all of your blooming trees. It looks like it was a very nice trip.

  2. Yes, we have had a very mild winter and (apparently) an early spring, but I'm sure you have seen our local forecast, including some possible 30-degree temperatures in the next several days! Good idea to wait a while before planting those tomatoes, unless one is fond of re-planting after the frost! I do recall a snow on April 18, and it was beautiful on the dogwoods and other blooming plants for the short time that it lasted. This year, though, all those blooms will be gone before that date arrives! You always have such a great time with those wonderful things from your garden, and I'm sure this year will be no exception! Love your pictures!

  3. Those are great pictures. I love the first pics of Spring! xo Diana

  4. Lovely Spring pics. on your trip and at home. So nice to have home-grown vegies. especially that asparagus!

  5. Oh Nellie..your weather sounds so much like ours..warm..warm temps and early spring blooms. Yours are lovely! And to have something out of the garden already ...lucky you!

    Congrats on the are such an amazing lady!


  6. Beautiful pics. It does make you wonder what our summer will look like with such a mild winter. My husband is anxious to get our garden underway too.

  7. Oh, you're growing asparagus - how nice! I cooked it a new way the other day - it was easy and very good.