Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Continuing the week-end....

Here we are at another Tuesday.  This is the day I provide lunch for the adult day care center of my church.  That usually brings along some recipes.  That will have to wait another day, but there are some coming.  I want to continue reviewing the week-end here since yesterday's post only covered Friday afternoon!

On Saturday morning we headed to a nearby town for an antique fair.  Wouldn't you know it?  Just as we were leaving, the sprinkles began.  It wasn't long until the sprinkles became a serious rainfall!  That isn't what these vendors wanted to see!

Does the street look wet?

This picture was taken at a "lull" in the rain.  There were vendors lining the street as well as some that had set up in other green spaces along the way.  Of course, the antique stores were doing well with a lot of traffic, but the outdoor booths had a lot to overcome with the weather.:-(

Oh, you wonder if I bought anything?  Well, yes.  But - it is small and soft and will take up very little room.

Perfect to decorate for the Fourth of July.

Returning home, we chose a different route through another nearby town.  Mission: Panera for lunch!

U pick 2!

Yes, Miss Katie Isabella!  We were in your town!  Perfect day for black bean soup!

As the rain increased in its intensity, what could we do that afternoon but watch the Kentucky Derby?!?

A muddy race.
We haven't missed watching many of them.  In fact, in 1972 we were there to watch it in person!  I don't even recall the horse who won that year.

Sunday's visitor.

City Girl came through on Sunday just long enough for lunch.  She was on her way "over the mountain" for a work-related conference. 

Sunday afternoon gave us time to look out at this.

Wet, wet garden spot.
There are pools of water sitting in the garden spot from all the rainfall.  The rain gauge showed four inches on Monday morning.  That would be from the week-end's rainfall.  The only day this week that there is no rain in the forecast is Thursday, then more is expected for next week-end!  It will take a LOT of dry, sunny days for the garden to dry out enough for tilling.  No planting until then!:-(

The next post will feature a recipe from today.  Dessert first!  How about that?

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Dessert is my favorite part of the meal, so I'll look forward to that recipe, for sure! Yes, the weekend was a washout for the most part, but you are having more rain than we are, just a few miles in another direction. Hopefully, The Husband will be able to get that garden put out within the next couple of weeks, then you'll have your work cut out for you as the veggies come in.

    I'm sure those folks will have a most delicious lunch today! :-)

  2. Looking forward to that dessert! I think all our horrible MI April rain found your state this month.

  3. -sigh- Another blogger's weekend trip was spoiled by rain and cold weather also. Sorrry.....

    but sometimes, just a change of scenery can be lovely. :-) Wet or dry.

  4. I think we have all had enough rain for a week or two.

    I bet the dessert will be delicious!

  5. It looks so pretty around your place. In 1972 Riva Ridge was the winner of the Kentucky Derby. Who was owned by Penny Chenery. The next year would be the greatest horse race of all times the triple crown won by Secretariat. Also owned by Penny. I was going to be a jockey in those days and studied form books and breeding and my Dad even had a race horse.
    Because the Kentucky Derby is on my birthday in some years, I always thought it was just for me. :)
    I never miss the derby either. Still one of the things I would love to go someday. Riva Ridge was pretty important too. He just got over looked.

  6. I just knew you were here when I saw Panera. Not that those don't exist elsewhere as they certainly do but I just knew it! Was that Clinton you were in for the antique fair? I wish I had been. I was unaware now that I don't get the local newspaper any more.

    Love the teddy bea--- and you decorate so happily. I use that word because it always brightens my day when I see what you have done for your home on festive occasions but I love to see the church too.


  7. we need rain so bad! all i do is water these days!

  8. We are having the rain now after some really beautiful sunny days. It sure makes everything looks so pretty and green though.

    Somehow I'm not surprised you bought a bear.
    : )

  9. Nellie, I watched the derby also. Once when my g.daughter,Sierra, was small, she said," Nana today is the derby." I said I know honey, "what do they do there at the derby?" She said so sweetly," I guess they derby !" I'll never forget that.She was too young to know what it was. That was one muddy jockey and horse, wasn't it?xoxo,Susie

  10. You KNOW I love those photos of your lovely yard, even wet! I'm envious.

    We hardly ever make it to have dessert after a meal, we're usually too full. I need to start eating dessert first!

  11. What a beautiful garden, Nellie!