Thursday, May 2, 2013

In - and out....

Here we are at the second day of May already!  Did you change your calendar?  There are too many special dates in this month that I want to be sure I have the calendar turned.:-)

First of all, today is Machoman's mother's birthday!  So - I want to be sure to send happy birthday wishes along to her! 

One other date in May is Mother's Day. 


This is a violet that was delivered to me as a Mother's Day gift a couple of years ago.  This one was one of three that were arranged in a basket - all in full bloom!  The others are not quite as ambitious as this one, and they are not in bloom as yet.  I really like the way this adds  beauty to the sunroom.

There are some more developments outside.

 There are more buds on this one than we have ever had!

 This is a new addition this year.

Azaleas in full bloom.

The color to these seems to be more vibrant this season.

Snowballs have turned white.

I love the fluffy white blooms!

It is hard to believe that there is actual snow in some parts of the country!  Perhaps there are some real snowballs being made in Colorado.:-)

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Thank you for sharing all your Spring beauty!!!! Delightful..

    And that 3 year old Violet, is still coming back and blooming! Gorgeous. Oh I love it!!!!!!!!


  2. Your yard looks bloomin' beautiful Nellie. Love the ponies, we have to treasure their short but wonderful season. Happy birthday to your DD.

  3. If Machoman's mother is reading this, I wish her a most happy birthday as well! :-) Your flowers are really lovely, and the vibrant colors brighten up the neighborhood, I'm sure! I am also amazed that the violet is still thriving. You have a green thumb, while mine is obviously brown. I am struggling just to keep an aloe plant alive! Have a beautiful day! :-)

  4. Happy Birthday to her:-) And Happy Mother's Day very soon to all of us who are moms.

    I hope to have 2 of my three sons visit and squire me about.

  5. everything looks so pretty and springlike!

  6. You have beautiful flowers Nellie.

  7. I need to turn my calendar over! Been too busy having fun and trying to get things done before this next front moves in. My peonies are up and filling in, but no buds yet. Ours, normally, bloom right around Memorial Day along with the iris. People always used them for the cemeteries way back when. The neighbor's lilacs just opened yesterday. My bush has no buds on it, but its young and may not bloom this year. Its been so warm here for this time of the year. I love it. After tonight, we will be back in reality. Have a good day!

  8. Freezing rain here and we may have some snow. I can't believe it. Your flowers and buds are stunning. Your pictures are always uplifting.

  9. Such beautiful blooms Nellie !
    Our seem to be plentiful, but a little slower to develop this Spring, maybe from the late frost.
    My daughter has new white Iris in bloom, I will have to sneak a few :)
    Lovely pictures !

  10. All your blooms are lovely! Thank goodness your snowballs are of the garden variety.

  11. Nellie, That is a beautiful violet, love it. Looks like things are in bloom around your place. I had a wonderful day enjoying the outdoors....we have the windows open ..I love airing out our house.xoxo,Susie

  12. Ah your flowers are beautiful. May is one of my favorite months.

  13. Such gorgeous blooms. Our peonies won't be ready until mid June. My grandmother had s row of Snowball bushes along her property line. Such fun memories.