Sunday, May 12, 2013

Just in time....

When I was a child, we were always hopeful that our red roses would be in bloom by Mother's Day.  My grandmother, who lived next door, was the one who took such an interest in the roses, and of course there was also a white one.  It was traditional for those of us whose mothers were still living to wear a red rose on Mother's Day.  For those whose mothers had passed away, the white rose was the color worn.  My father, mother, sister, and I would pin those red roses to our Sunday clothes, and we were ready to head off to church, while my grandmother would cut a white one for the day.

Appearing on schedule.

The red knock-out roses are just in time for this day!  I really am in need of a white rose bush, though.  Has anyone ever known of a white knock-out rose?  

On this Ascension Sunday, the UMW Prayer Calendar for 2013 lists the Mission Focus as the Hattie B. Cooper Community Center in Roxbury, Massachusetts.

On this Mother's Day, think of the influence of the women in your lives as your faith has developed through the years.

May this day be a blessed one for you!


  1. The rose is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day Nellie!

  2. I have thought about that tradition many times in recent years, and just have not brought myself to change the color to white, as I believe that our dear mother is still alive, just not on earth! So many people these days wear an orchid corsage, if they do anything at all, and it seems that the traditions are leaving us one by one. Happy Mother's Day, Sister! Your daughters have made you proud! :-)

  3. Nellie, My mother taught me to be tough and work to achive. My mom's landlady was my gaurdian angel...she taught me about God, friendship, and manners. I will love those ladies till I die, then I will see them in heaven. Happy mother's day. xoxo,Susie

  4. We've always done that tradition in our church too. They had red, pink and white carnations at the door

  5. I, too, would need a white rose.

    Happy Mother's Day, Nellie.

  6. I hope you had a beautiful Mother's Day, Nellie.