Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mid-week thoughts....

How did Wednesday arrive so quickly?  Is it just me, or does it seem that time is passing quickly?

This was my first attempt at photographing a rainbow.

Just barely visible in the picture.

Is this a little better?

Hard to see it as we look between the neighbor's trees.

We could actually see the end of it!

In the opposite - western - sky, we saw this.

Quite a sunset!  
These were taken after an afternoon rainfall last week. 

Today we have sunshine again!  This is the fourth day in a row with no rain!  The Husband says the garden spot is "half-dry," but not yet dry enough for tilling.:-(  There is a chance of rain in our forecast again tomorrow, as well as into the week-end.  Do you suppose the weatherman is making a mistake?:-)

I send wishes for a good day to each of you!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate  your comments.


  1. What beautiful skies.
    I am so glad you have sunshine. I bet it feels so nice.
    The sky is just so blue.
    Have a wonderful day Nellie.

  2. The pictures are beautiful Nellie! I especially like the last one.

  3. fabulous rainbow!!! we are supposed to get storms today. we really need it. i was up at 5:00am planting!

  4. Nellie, that is one of the best captures of a rainbow I have seen in some time. Bravo on being able to catch so much of it. At least something wonderful came out of all that rain.

    Yes, 4 beautiful days. I don't know how to act. We usually pay for it with two solid weeks of rain and/or overcast skies.

  5. Nellie, Great job photographing the rainbow. I love seeing them. We are to get rain tonight...hoping it doesn't happen. The farmers around here have been like ants in the fields.

    p.s. the blimp was on it's way to Indy. Could be because it's May and race time.

  6. I agree that those are some lovely photos of that wonderful rainbow! We rarely see one here, probably because of the "clutter" of traffic lights and phone poles on the landscape. I did have a great experience a few years ago, as I was driving back from a distant city on Interstate 75. The rain had been pretty constant all afternoon, but it began to dissipate as I was heading home, and there was a breathtaking rainbow that arched across the sky and came to rest on the highway in front of me! That was before the days of digital cameras (at least at our house), so I didn't have any way to capture that amazing sight, but then there was another one just a few miles farther up the highway, and it also came to rest right in front of me!! That has not happened to me since, and probably won't, now that I keep my camera with me wherever I go! Oh, well....

  7. Time has been flying for me, for over a decade!

    Nice shots, Nellie!!!

  8. Hi Nellie, I don't know about you but I'd love to bottle this weather and keep it for a hot summer day!!!! ha

    Beautiful rainbow. I had a rainbow on one of my blogs today --and birds on the other one...


  9. beautiful!! Sounds like you have some goo d weather!

  10. The skies are beautiful. Great job getting the rainbow!!!

  11. How lucky to capture a rainbow. :) I've only seen two since 2001. One appeared soon after my grandmother's funeral and was a comfort to me and my family. Beautiful photos, Nellie! ♥