Sunday, May 4, 2014

For Sunday....

On this Sunday, the Mission Focus from the 2014 United Methodist Women Prayer Calendar is the Hattie B. Cooper Community Center, Roxbury, Massachusetts.

I want to share one verse plus the refrain of a song that expresses the theme of UMW Assembly held last week-end in Louisville, Kentucky.  The lyrics come from Tommy Brown and Bryan McFarland in 2010.  Bryan McFarland also composed the music. 

                                                               "Until All Are Fed"

                                                  "How long will we sing?

                                                          How long will we pray?

                                                   How long will we write and send?

                                                          How long will we bring?

                                                  How long will we stay?

                                                         How long will we make amends?"

                                                        "Until all are fed we cry out!

                                                          Until all on earth have bread.

                                                          Like the One who loves us,

                                                          each and every one,

                                                          we serve until all are fed."

Have a blessed Sunday! 




  1. A very thought-provoking verse for our consideration today. Have a lovely day, Sister! :-)

  2. Blessed Sunday and a bright and blessed week!

  3. Have a wonderful week Nellie!

  4. A worthy reminder, Nellie…Thanks so much for sharing...