Saturday, May 24, 2014

Short - but not too sweet....

The lights gave a couple of flickers, then went out entirely!  About the same time, the noise of the wind increased, and the sound of hail hitting the side of the house was heard!  Oh, my! The dwarf fruit trees are being blown almost horizontally with the ground!  Yikes! 

Through the light of dusk, this was visible.

Cedar trees downed by the wind!

The wind and hail were only present a short time, thankfully, but the wind left a reminder of its force.  The Husband worked much of the day on Friday clearing the evidence of Thursday evening's storm away. 

Are you able to see where the top of the tree broke?

Another limb was blown here -

We found a shingle on the ground, too, but haven't replaced it as yet.

We think we've seen where it belongs.

Though part of the cedar tree fell over a corner of the garden, there was actually no damage done.

Growing nicely!

Everything is looking good and green!  The hail wasn't enough of an issue to cause any damage to the plants.

That power outage?  It was three hours long!  Just as our bedtime approached, on came the lights!  Then came the trek through the house to take care of those blinking clocks!:-) 

I send you happy Saturday wishes!  Enjoy this holiday week-end!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Thank goodness is was brief Nellie. Those spring thunderstorms can pack quite a punch. I am so glad that there was no damage done to the garden! Amazing how trees are downed but much smaller plants in the garden are safe isn't it??

  2. Mother nature..

    Winds are frightening..
    But I must tell you.. I am sorry for your damage but how beautiful your garden!

  3. Your end of town got a heavy dose of dangerous weather Thursday night, and I'm glad there was no damage to the garden! I really hate to see huge trees destroyed by such storms, but perhaps this cedar will be strong enough to repair itself. Have a super Saturday, Sister, and enjoy whatever you have planned for the extended weekend!

  4. Nellie, That was scary. I am so thankful your garden didn't suffer from the hail. Glad your power came back on too. I hate when we lose trees, but it wasn't on the roof, so that was fortunate. Blessings to you and your husband for a nice weekend, xoxo,Susie

  5. I am so happy you are both safe Nellie!!

    Your garden looks like it is growing nicely. I didn't see one weed.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Your garden is beautiful and I love that look down the hill to the other rolling hills.
    I wonder what was up with wind that night. It was crazy here too but we didn't loose power.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I'm glad that your lovely garden didn't got damaged in the hail storm but sorry for the cedar tree.

    You have an early start. I just planted a few vegetable seeds this week. Nothing is up yet.

    Have a lovely weekend,

  8. Oh my that was some storm. Glad more damage wasn't done.
    Nice to see your garden looking so nice and green. : )

  9. wow...that is just amazing that there was no damage to your garden! thank heavens! glad you are safe! happy memorial day!

  10. Holy Cow---we didn't get any rain or anything up here on the plateau at all this week. We came home Friday night from the beach ---only to find everything VERY dry... Glad we didn't get any severe stuff--but we sure did need the rain.


  11. Mighty fine looking garden...glad the fallen tree did not harm much.

  12. I'm glad there wasn't worse damage. How scary! Your garden looks so healthy!

  13. Thankfully no one was hurt and your damage was minimal. Still scary though

  14. I love cedar trees. I saw a branch brought down by the wind once, on my way to work.

  15. Oh boy, what a storm. That poor tree! But I'm glad to hear there was no more damage done and that you're safe. I hope you'll have an amazing week!

  16. we had the wind and hail and rain sideways but no damage. Thanking goodness that yours was not even worse but that was pretty bad. xo

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