Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I'm sure you've seen something similar....

Did you enjoy a three-day week-end?  Of course, if you are retired as The Husband and I are, every week-end is a three-day event.:-) 

The month of April provided us with several opportunities to give and receive gifts.  I've mentioned one or two on the blog already.  Today, I want to share this one with you.

Folded all nicely and compactly.  Will it ever look like this again?

With much courage, I have begun to unfold this.

Completely unfolded and hanging so you are able to see how it looks when opened.

For many years, I have carried reusable tote bags with me to the grocery store.  I use as few plastic grocery bags as possible in an attempt to make a more environmentally safe choice.  How about you?  Do you carry along reusable bags when you do your grocery shopping?

This particular one was a gift from the Country Couple.  And - yes!  I was able to refold it when the time came.:-)  I really like how this one fits very easily right into my purse!  No excuse for not having it with me when it is needed!  

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I have never seen one of those that folds neatly, but I do use my green bags every time I shop! I think I have at least 10 of them, from various stores, and I do not apologize when I use a "competitor's" bag at a different store. I love the way they don't cut into my hand as I carry them, even when there's something heavy in them. I would use them even if there were no environmental concern, just because I like them! I'm sure you are enjoying this lovely gift a LOT! Have a terrific Tuesday, Sister!

  2. That is a great idea. I have seen some similar to that but I never have owned any. I do use some reusable shopping bags for my grocery and some boxes which I reuse.

    Thanks for sharing and have a nice week Nellie.

  3. What a great idea! Have a great week.

  4. I used to and I got SO many hisses and rotten comments from cashiers that I gave up. Seriously. They said they were extremely difficult to put things into.

  5. That is a awesome. I like how it folds up so nice and small and fits in your purse like a pocket book.
    No, alas, I don't take those bags. I would have to take a truck load every time I went to the store.
    I know there is a law in California that they are trying to get passed that would make us all go toward cloth bags, but as of yet, they haven't.
    I hope you have a wonderful day.

  6. Nellie, My daughter hauls her bags to the stores. We laugh, or I should say I laugh , when she rants about the man at the $ store who is always trying to find a price on the bags to ring them up...she says she has told many times...those are my own bags, can't you see the dirty bottoms. LOL They is no way they could be mistaked for new. I can't help myself, I laugh and say,"well maybe he is flirting with you." She says, "ewweee Mommy, stop. " Your folded bag looks wonderful to have. Blessings for a great new week. xoxo,Susie

  7. I used to used totes for groceries all the time, but now I don't. I use the plastic bags in the trash cans around the house.

    That tote is amazing that it can fold up so small.

  8. I use totes all the time for groceries, too, Nellie. I use the ones from Trader Joe's that are made out of a plastic material to carry all the frozen and "wet" items. xo Diana

  9. Luckily, in Germany you have to buy your plastic bags at the store, you don't get anything for free. So I always have my reusable bag with me, too :) This one is great - it's neat that you can fold it and take it with you like that :)

  10. Our stores actually gave out bags a few years back and give you a few cents off if you remember to bring them and use them. I do like a few plastic bags though - we use them for cat litter.

    Hope that you are having a great week!

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