Thursday, May 29, 2014

Buying locally....

What does it mean to you to "buy local?"  What distance qualifies as "local" to you?  Why would you even consider "buying local?"

One of the best ways to be sure one is purchasing products from local sources is to patronize Farmers Markets in your area.  Recently, The Husband and I made a trip to one that is held in our area.

It was exciting to see all the fresh vegetables that were offered.  This is what came home with us.

Two varieties of lettuce, Swiss chard and baby zucchini!

 We added these goodies from our own garden ~

~ and had a very good salad for lunch!

Buying as much from local sources as possible helps our area farmers and businesses.  However, these do not come from our area ~

That daily banana!

~ and I must have one of these each day!

We ended the day with a treat from here ~

Two miles away!

It was the first time we had eaten pizza out in a restaurant in a number of years!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. I really do enjoy buying locally-grown produce, and it always seems that the season is WAY too short for my taste! I believe that you'll have some really good items from your own garden in just a few more weeks, and it looks like you've got a good start already! Have a great day, Sister!

  2. Hi Nellie,

    I am just now getting around to visiting blogs. With my Shug being laid up my life has become twice as busy. AUGH! Anyway, I love the eating local idea. I was wondering if you have ever read the book, Animal Vegetable Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver. It's about her family eating local for an entire year. It's a great book and I think you would enjoy it. Looking forward to getting some time to sit down and peruse your blog. Thanks for visiting me!

    Cindy Bee

  3. Nellie, I like local produce. You know it's fresh at least.Sounds like you and your husband had a fun time. Blessings for a great close. xoxo,Susie

  4. i buy as much locally as possible.and grow as much of my own as i can.

  5. I love buying the local produce!

  6. I buy local whenever I can but I don't get to the farmer's market often. I buy from our Co-op and they offer local produce when available.

    We grow a lot of our own vegetables and beef.

    Have a great weekend. I can't believe that May is almost gone.

  7. Hi Nellie, After missing ALL of the rain for the past several days, we finally got a tad today!!! We need SO much more --but it just seems to go all around us. George says that Fairfield Glade keeps a giant umbrella UP.... ha

    We like to buy locally too--and love going to our local Farmer's Market here in Fairfield Glade...


  8. I like shopping the local farmer's markets. I think the food is the freshest and I like to support the local farmers.

  9. Hi Nellie , my family supports our Farmer's Market , the big one is under the Texas street bridge , downtown , the bridge goes over the Rd River into Bossier City , La. we also grow lot's of vegetables and fruits for canning and freezing.
    Nellie my grandpa says think you for your kind comment on his post today , Food for Thought , he do a weekly foe for my aunt and her partner 'The Genie' her handle is Witchy . They have 4 blogs together , he posts on WB as he calls it , the red thing , the other 3 is at the bottom of my Blog list , Maxy , Starhook's and FTBB .
    I have been MIA , celebrating Mudbug Madness . :) ~Nee~

  10. I try to buy as locally as I can, especially farm products. Our local artisanal food shop closed down sadly. I used to buy cheese and especially sausages there.

  11. Love a Farmers Markets...and hope to finally go Saturday! Wednesdays my friend comes to we miss it then.

  12. Berea, KY (where I live) really promotes buying local and supporting the small local businesses. I love buying from the little shops and stores here :)

  13. Looking forward to our farmer's market season again!!

  14. Farmers Markets are a great way to buy local food. We can also go to farms directly and buy foods there :) I love buying local food, knowing I support the farmers from here and usually everything is fresher than when it was shipped from some place far. I do need that daily banana, too, though ;)

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