Monday, October 13, 2014

And - another week begins....

Whew!  Where did the week-end go?  Did it seem to pass as quickly for you as it did for me? 

It was a busy one here.  There was once more an out-of-town overnight journey as the Conference United Methodist Women Executive Committee held our last meetings for this calendar year.  While it is not a great distance to the town where these meetings were held, the driving time was complicated by heavy traffic and rain - also heavy at times.  It was with a huge sigh of relief to arrive safely - both at the meeting site, and then as I returned home.

I've been missing from some of your blogs for a few days.  Where I was staying did have Internet connections, though apparently the signal wasn't consistent, and I wasn't able to access your blogs to read or make a comment.  

I know there are those of you who are not sports fans.  This week-end it was possible to choose between baseball and football for us here.  The American League and the National League are in the midst of their Championship playoffs, and the Kansas City Royals return to their home field later today playing host to the Baltimore Orioles.  KC has the lead in the series two games to none.  The San Francisco Giants, playing in St. Louis, won the first game of the series, and St. Louis has won the second, so that series is even.

On the football front, the hometown Volunteers were able to come up with a win against Chattanooga.  That gives a record of three wins and two losses thus far for the season.  My alma mater continues to be undefeated with a win on Saturday!

That rain that I mentioned earlier?  Well, it has continued off and on most of the week-end, and there is not expected to be much of a break for a day or two.  In fact, some very stormy conditions are expected to arrive by tomorrow!   The recent rainfall has been measured by the weather station as 2 3/4 inches, bringing our rainfall deficit for the year to about 5 1/2 inches.

There are a few things on the calendar around here that will be keeping me busy for the coming week.  I'm not sure if I will be able to post on this blog on a regular basis, and I'm also not sure about being able to keep up with your blog, either.  Never fear!  I am hopeful to be back on a regular routine before too long.

Hopefully you have no need to visit the Post Office or take care of any banking business today.  We are honoring the memory of Christopher Columbus, you know.  Some of you who are still employed may even have a day off work!

I leave you with a wish for a good week - wherever you are. 

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments. 


  1. Happy Columbus Day to you, Sister! Yes, you have been VERY busy, as always, and the next few weeks promise to keep you from becoming bored! Don't worry if you miss a day or two; we'll survive, I believe! As for today, I'm looking forward to seeing you and The Husband in a few hours, so drive safely! :-)

  2. Hi Nellie!! Congrats to your Vols! I had a conference this week as well. I miss you! Sorry for my absence :)

  3. I'm glad you made it there and back safely and are now home.

    I'm happy your favorite team won even though I'm not a sport fan.

    Happy Columbus Day. Here in Canada we are celebrating Thanksgiving today, so it's a long weekend here too.

    I've missed your visit and comments but I'll have to wait.

    Have a great week and don't over extend yourself. Enjoy what you can comfortably do.

  4. I am so glad you made it there and back safety. Well you know how much I would love to have that rain. I had a graphic in my Face Book that the weather man did. The whole world is going to have rain this week, except us. It looks really weird to see that.
    I won't say this on my blog, but verses in my morning study keep popping up about judgement and God taking away the rain.
    As we were driving up the valley, there were signs next to the highway, asking for prayer and repentance. It was heartbreaking but you and I both know California is in need of some house cleaning.
    Anyway, I thought you would understand.

  5. We had a blow-thru a little earlier that was quite eerie and very windy. It is supposed to bring some cooler weather. Might be time to make some soup!

  6. Glad you made the trip safely both ways, Nellie. I know how you look forward to your conferences...but I bet it feels good to have wound it up for the year.

    It is raining here today and supposed to continue all week. Dreary and cold..typical Fall days, I guess, although I prefer the bright sunny ones. xo Diana

  7. Glad you had a safe drive - there and back.
    We've had rain on and off for three days now and more on the way.
    My days go by much too fast. : )