Monday, October 6, 2014

Snippets from the week-end....

The first full week of October begins today.  Do you have something good planned during the week?
How was your first October week-end?

We watched a baseball game on Friday night.  The St. Louis Cardinals were in Los Angeles to play the Dodgers.  When I was growing up, a local radio station had coverage of many of the Dodger games, and I became a fan.  That was when they were in Brooklyn, though, and when they moved to LA I sort of lost touch.  The score of Friday night's game?  St. Louis - 10; LA - 9.  The Dodgers did win the next one on Saturday.  

A blogging friend, Beth, from Day by Day with Beth Marie, is a Cardinal fan, and I know she was happy with that Friday night score.  By the way, Beth will begin a series of radiation treatments soon, and I know she would appreciate our thoughts and prayers.

Saturday afternoon we watched a football game on TV.  The University of Tennessee Vols hosted the Florida Gators.  Final score of that game - Florida - 10; the Vols - 9!  See any similarity in the score from the baseball game on Friday night?  

Our area Homebuilders Association has begun the annual Parade of Homes.  The Husband and I went touring a few of them on Sunday afternoon.  It is difficult to find newly-constructed homes on one level, and stairs are not something I seek out these days.:-)  We built this one-level house ten years ago, and I think it is time to give a few areas a facelift, perhaps.:-)

Also, it is time to pull out the October "trimmings" and set the mood for what is ahead this month.  Viewed at the Senior Center recently was this:

I think they are in the mood!

Thank you for reading.  I really appreciate your comments.


  1. Good morning, Nellie:)
    I'm still trying to adjust to the fact that Ocotber is indeed here. We had a quiet weekend around here. I must say I did see bits and pieces of a baseball game but it seemed to never end. It went into extra innings but I'll be darned if I knew who was playing, lol...Funny thing is, when my son was younger and a Yankee fan, I knew all the stats! Now, barely:)

    One level is the only way to go for me these days. It took me a long time to find a one level I liked but thankfully I did. I too need to do a bit of sprucing, lol...

    I'm not much of a Halloween fan but I do love the sight of pumpkins. They sure look ready for fun!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Nellie...Have a wonderful day. Don't forget that "Bloody" Full Moon on Wednesday or is it Tuesday night?

  2. You know that I share your feelings about the Dodgers after their move to LA. The first I recall even hearing about them was when our elementary school showed the film "The Jackie Robinson Story" (I think that was the title of the movie). I was so impressed by the fact that the Dodgers gave him a chance to play that I decided that I was a fan of that team! There was something special about Ebbetts (sp?) Field in those days, and it seemed that they were a spunky team!

    I enjoy most of the fall decorations, but I'm not a fan of the "spookies!"

    As for stairs, I wish we didn't have those four steps leading up to our apartment! Oh, well....happy for a place to live, at least! Have a marvelous Monday, Sister!

  3. I have a three level house and that how I get some of my exercise at 68. I hope to be able to go up those stairs for several more years.

    What a fall decor. Mine are still in the totes.
    It has been a very busy time for me lately.
    Today is a gorgeous day and the colors are beautiful.

  4. thought about you after the Saturday game... It wasn't pretty --but those young guys still need TIME to grow and learn.. We WILL get better... I cannot get discouraged!!!!

    I used to love baseball --but kinda lost interested after I moved to TN from TX. I loved the Astros --but they don't win much!!!!

    We love our one-level home also. It's definitely a 'retirement' home... The only thing we'll have to change in the future is our yard. It does take work --and we want to continue doing it as long as we can. BUT???? Who knows?


  5. I don't want to even imagine stairs at this point. I'd be terrified of rupturing a tendon!

  6. I have the usual plan for the week: let dogs out, let dogs in, blog, walk dog, feed dogs, let dogs out, let dogs in, read blogs, feed me, let dogs out, let dogs in, go to bed with dogs. I figured the Gators had a game on Saturday. I kept seeing people dressed in orange and blue.


  7. The Amish Store is about 2 blocks west of the barter Theater on the south side of the to Jeannine's Fabric's.....I believe it's 414 0r 416 W. Main Street.....Enjoy

  8. I love to tour houses!!
    Yes, I have Beth on my prayer list.

  9. Well, isn't that wonderful? We have been busy getting our laundry room ready for cabinet install.
    Decorating, baking and working in the yard too. Busy times.

  10. You always have so much going on. I love your pumpkins. Yes, our house is almost 14 years old so there will be no garden next year because I need to paint. Lots of paint.
    I bet going to the home tour was fun. I always like those things. Well, my Monday has been a blur. I hope you had a nice Monday.

  11. Love your October "trimmings". lol It is always fun to go through those model homes, isn't it? I have always loved the ideas I see in them.

    I am praying for Beth Marie, too. I feel so very bad for what she has to go through AGAIN!

    Hope you had a wonderful day- xo Diana

  12. These scarecrows/Jack O'Lanterns remind me of the stuffed scarecrow of my little brother, who gave him nightmares.