Wednesday, November 26, 2014

In the beginning....

It has been 52 years since I graduated from college.  Yes, I'm "as old as dirt.":-)  The first year, I was employed by the college on the library staff and lived in a room in a house in the community.  

It was the next year that I ventured further down the road to Abingdon where I accepted a position at Abingdon Methodist Church to work in Christian Education.  That necessitated an apartment, which meant a kitchen!  Yay!

This is the first cookbook I bought:

It was the basis for much of my cooking those two years I lived in Abingdon.

This one was added following a move to Bristol, VA where I began teaching.

And there is a recipe for Corn Pudding, such an appropriate dish for this season.

Do you remember the first Thanksgiving dinner you prepared?  Mine was the first year I was in Abingdon.  My parents, sister, cousin, and great aunt came to visit on that first Thanksgiving Day.  
The guidelines I followed came from the Dinner for Two cookbook.

I even made the creamed onions.  The Pumpkin Chiffon Pie was repeated a few times - until the scare about consuming raw eggs motivated me to put it aside.  This recipe for Bread Stuffing has been the one I have followed through the years, varying it just a bit.  One year, I had an assortment of bits and pieces of homemade breads in the freezer, and that was probably the most flavorful.  In recent years, The Husband has requested Cornbread Stuffing, and that's what I make these days - no other bread crumbs included except cornbread.  That makes it a good gluten-free choice.  Using broth rather than butter for sauteing the onion makes it lower in fat.  Using vegetable broth rather than chicken broth makes it acceptable for vegetarians.

Here it is for this year, ready to pop into the oven!
Baking dish - Longaberger All-American series.

For a few weeks, on Wednesdays I will be sharing some of my cookbook collection with you.  

Happy Thanksgiving!  


  1. Nellie, You are a wonderful cook. My sister got a Betty Crocker cook book when she first married and learned to cook from it, she still has that book. I thank God for my dear MIL, she taught me what I know about cooking. Blessings to you Nellie and your family and all your loved ones this Thanksgiving. xoxo,Susie

  2. Nothing beats the classics Nellie in cookbooks or tasty dishes for that matter. Your tips for lowering the fat and making other dietary adjustments are much appreciated. That is one inviting Cornbread Stuffing!

    Thank you so much for sharing Nellie. I am thrilled you will be sharing your cookbooks with us the next couple of weeks and that you are linking up to Cookbook Wednesday! I added your link where it says click here. The link is opened until next Tuesday for anyone to see and share over at my blog. If you would like to add the Cookbook Wednesday logo, be my guest and grab the code. (if you want me to send it to you let me know:)

    Thanks again Neliie and thank you for sharing on Cookbook Wednesday:) Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Sweet Nellie!

  4. I like old cookbooks too.
    I have the first one I bought when I got married. Bought it on our honeymoon. Better Homes and Garden. It is the one that has my chocolate chipper recipe. : )

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Nellie. I remember the first thanksgiving dinner I cooked on my own. I almost cut off my finger. :)

  6. Nellie, you always have such good recipes, and you are an inspiration with all the good things that you make. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  7. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family. Your cookbooks are just lovely and filled with so many memories. Our first Thanksgiving, we were stripping cabinets in our first house. The second Thanksgiving I was pregnant with our first baby and I forgot to take out the giblets and cooked the turkey with them inside and because of morning sickness I sat outside while everyone ate. Yep, nice memories.
    I just finished cooking pies. :)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I hope you have a wonderful day.
    I love old cookbooks, the corn casserole sounds wonderful!
    I need to try it, I have everything here.

  9. That looks yummy! Yes, about 10 years ago my sister and I prepared our first Thanksgiving dinner. My mother had a stroke earlier in the year and so the two of us slogged through preparing the turkey. I guess it was not the ideal way to learn but it worked.

  10. Nellie, I love old cookbooks. The first one I had was a Betty Crocker one, I learnt to cook with it! Your cornbread looks amazing! (Live your dish also! Have a blessed Thanksgiving!


  11. We're having cornbread dressing AND stuffing. That's what happens when Georgia married WV.

  12. I'm pretty close to dirt myself and did a lot of cooking from Joy of Cooking. I worked for the Cokesbury store in Nashville after graduate school and had a whole world of cookbooks to look through. Wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  13. I think I remember that first Thanksgiving meal that you cooked for us, and as I recall, it was delicious, as has been every other meal I've ever had at your house! I'm sure your family has enjoyed their time around your table once again, and that you will all enjoy one another's company as always. Love you, Sister!

  14. My mother had a Betty Crocker cookbook similar to the second one - but her's is a newer version. The binding is the same.

  15. I have several old Betty Crocker cookbooks - I love the little drawings that they have in them. The cookie cookbook is my favorite- It was my moms and it has seen a lot of baking.