Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Just what I needed....

....another cookbook!

Actually, I'm sure I probably didn't need another cookbook, but how could I resist this one?

With this Table of Contents....

....and these lovely illustrations, how could I walk away?  Did I mention that it was also on sale?:-)  That will do it for me everytime.:-)

So - what are some things I will try from this one?

These scones sound delicious.... does this salad.

Leaving you today with some more pictures.... to get busy with some of this deliciousness!


  1. Nellie, The scones do it for me. I love them. Those look perfect too. Good photos sure help sell the food. That beef stew makes my mouth water. You are killing me . LOL. Nellie, I hope you are having a wonderful day. xoxo,Susie

  2. Isn't that a GREAT book Nellie!!! How wonderful that you were able to get it on sale too. Irish cooking is finally getting the recognition it deserves. I'd happily take one of those scones to go!

    Thanks for sharing, Nellie and thank you for joining us for Cookbook Wednesday...

  3. Those orange scones with currants got my mouth watering. I'm a sucker for good recipes but when it comes to make them, I sometime chicken out because I would overindulge but the scones sound like harmless enough to me, hehe.

    A sale will do it for me too and I get the majority of my cookbooks at the thrift stores for a fraction of the cost. I may not always feast my belly but I feast my eyes, kind of like window shopping...

    Hugs, JB

  4. Oh! You definitely needed THAT one! So many of those recipes look really, really good! xo Diana

  5. Yummy! Some scrumptious looking meals there!!

  6. One of the few cookbook I'd love to own.

  7. Now was not a good time to be seeing all these photos of food... I was already hungry, but now I'm starving! LOL!

  8. Hi Nellie ,
    Wonderful cookbook and yes we all need an extra cookbook to add to our collection . Gorgeous food , Thanks for sharing :)

  9. Oooh, those scones *drool* now I can't get them off my mind :)
    I assume it is an American version cookbook, since everything is measured in cups, and buttermilk is not a staple in Ireland or England.
    Beautiful illustrations, I could eat the cookbook !

  10. Oh that looks like a great one. Cookbooks are my weakness too

  11. Oh, my goodness! Everything looks delicious. I have a cookbook with a recipe for scones, and I swear I'll get around to making them one of these days.


  12. Irish Cooking BIBLE - something to be taken seriously!

  13. Now it would be lovely if you came over and made all of that lovely food for me. :) It looks so good. I need to go through my cookbooks. I cheat now and just go online.
    I hope you have had a lovely day.

  14. Gee---this post has made me hungry!!!!! Looks like a great cookbook... I 'think' I heard your hubby say that he was going to have to build another room JUST for your cookbooks... ha ha


  15. Well, it's late in the day for me, and I've already had my allotment of carbs and calories for the day, so looking at this was sheer torture! LOL Looks like a wonderful cookbook, Sister, and it seems as if the cookbook gene was very healthy in our family! Hope your day has been a good one! Love you! :-)

  16. I really have enjoyed all your cookbook posts. Keep them coming.

  17. 4 of my kids went to Ireland last September for a vacation. My son ordered Irish Stew, and was so astonished by the WHOLE potato which was in his bowl that he took a picture of it to send to me and post on facebook. So, remember, when you make that Irish stew, just chuck a couple of whole potatoes in there for the authentic experience. Great cookbook, Nellie.

  18. Oh Nellie, I don't blame you. This cookbook looks wonderful. And some yummy amazing recipes I'm sure!!