Saturday, March 28, 2015

Sunday, March 29, 2015....Palm Sunday

We find these words in Mark 11:8-11 -

                            "Many people spread their cloaks on the road,

                                and others spread leafy branches that they

                                had cut in the fields. 

                             Then those who went ahead 

                               and those who followed were shouting,


                                       Blessed is the one who comes in the

                                       name of the Lord!

                                       Blessed is the coming kingdom of

                                       our ancestor David!

                             Hosanna in the highest heaven!'

                             Then he entered Jerusalem and went into the temple;

                                and when he had looked around at everything, 

                                                 as it was already late,

                                he went out to Bethany with the twelve."

From the 2015 United Methodist Women Prayer Calendar, the Mission Focus for today is Friendly Center in Toledo, Ohio.

May this be a day in which you feel yourself surrounded by love, joy, and peace.


  1. How wonderful that the people recognized Him as He entered Jerusalem! Then, just as He had predicted, they turned against Him in just a few days. I'm so glad that this was a part of God's perfect plan so that we could have full salvation, just by accepting Jesus' perfect sacrifice! Have a blessed SONday, Sister! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing and have a blessed Palm Sunday!

  3. Hope you have had a blessed Sunday and have been keeping warm and cozy. It's warm here, but I know you guys have been having a little more cold weather thrust upon you.

  4. Sorry I missed this post Nellie. I always wonder what if all this was happening today. Would I be there to offer help to Jesus or console Mary? ....

    I went to church after work and then to breakfast / brunch with friends, picked up some calf feed in the city and went to bed so tired in the early afternoon then back to work, prepared supper, did some online payments for the month's end for the farm and did some filing, read about 5 pages from your book and my day was done and went to bed again.

    I hope that your Sunday was a blessed one Nellie. I was going to post but felt too tired. I'm all rested up today so maybe this evening.
    Take care,