Monday, March 16, 2015

What is it.....

....about week-ends?  Do yours seem to be packed with activity?  Or - do you have time for relaxing?

My week-end was a full one.  You saw this picture on Saturday -

Unfortunately, this picture was taken in the late afternoon after there had been some sales!  It was a good thing that more than five books per category had been offered, including the Youth and Children categories.  I was able to really fill this display with choices from the 2015 Reading Program.

Unsold materials came home with me, and they are awaiting that repacking that needs to be done before returning them.  

Yes, my week-end was a full one, though the time was spent in a very meaningful way.  The Conference United Methodist Women Sisters In Service, held about an hour away, had a reported attendance of 140!  It was a wonderful opportunity for "recharging."

How was your week-end?


  1. Your weekend was certainly filled with meaningful activities! My weekend consisted of cleaning and spending time with our children, who traveled many miles to help me clean the apartment in anticipation of their dad's release from the hospital, hopefully this Friday or Saturday! LOTS of work, and I'm thankful for their willingness to give up their own lives for a few days to help us. I hope you're having a marvelous Monday, Sister! Love you!

  2. Hmmmm.....I just reread that first comment, and it sounds as if I were cleaning our children! Not so, as they are fully capable of that themselves!! LOL Again, I should have previewed it first...... Grrrrrrrr!

  3. Nellie, I hope a lot of money was made for your ladies group...because it sounds like a worth while time. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. It loos like your book sale was very successful. I spent Saturday working and getting ready for our big snow storm on Sunday.
    Sunday morning I worked and slept and worked and went to bed early Sunday evening. I'm all rested for Monday. The sun is shining today, the streets are narrow with high snow banks but the main roads are clear.


  5. So glad you had a nice time this weekend, Nellie. It is always nice to see book sales-too bad you had any left to pack up! Enjoy your week. Hope it is a good one for you. xo Diana

  6. Hi Nellie , glad the book sales went so well . I know you picked out a lot of wonderful books ... Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Looks like a nice selection of books.
    We keep pretty busy but always have time for relaxing too. : )

  8. You probably pack more into one weekend than I do in a month of Sundays!

  9. Weekends are pretty much reserved for Willy Dunne Wooters. When he arrived on Saturday, he insisted that we take Franklin for a ride in the car before it got dark because Franklin likes to look at the houses and trees and everything as we go by, and he can't see them if it's dark. I didn't say anything. We took Franklin for a ride, and WDW was happy the rest of the weekend.