Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A variation....

I have posted our favorite cornbread recipe earlier on the blog.  While that is the one I bake about 98% of the time, we do like this variation -

The recipe for this one comes from The Table at Gray Gables, compiled by Linda Brooks Jones.  Gray Gables has been a bed and breakfast located in Rugby, a rural area in East Tennessee.  It is a wonderful place to visit.

Try this one!  I think you'll love it just as we do!


  1. Sounds tasty, with a chunk of butter, of course! Thanks for sharing, and have a terrific Thursday, Sister!

  2. Your corn bread looks very tasty. I like that it has two cheeses in it. I would spike it up with a bit of Jalapeno pepper for good measure.

  3. Yummy, every thing looks so good. : )

  4. Sounds interesting! My Shug says his Aunt Evelyn made the best cornbread ever. I say phhbbbtttt!!!!!! Ok I could be a tad jealous!

    Cindy Bee

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