Monday, October 5, 2015


The older one becomes, the more one has to remember.:-)  What I am remembering today is something from my childhood.

While I grew up in a rural area, it was not actually a "farm."  There were extended family members and other friends of my parents who did live on a farm.  Some of these acquaintances would have a hog that they would raise through the year, and some of us would benefit a bit when butchering time came around.

Considered to be a delicacy in those days was the tenderloin.  It did not become sausage, nor did it become chops, but it was a very tender, tasty cut of pork that sometimes found its way sliced into the iron skillet for breakfast.  That would be an especially memorable breakfast!

These days, that tenderloin is readily available at the market.  Though it is usually pricey, sometimes it is possible to find it at a good sale price.  Such was the case here recently.  

This made a perfect fall breakfast!  The Husband is thrilled to have leftovers!:-)

Such a special breakfast needed a special setting.

Mixing the old with the more recent - perfect for remembering a childhood autumn morning!

China - pink dogwood depression glass small plate, cup and saucer.
            Strawberry and vine - Wedgewood
Bowl - Longaberger
Platter - Strawberries and Cream - Villeroy and Boch
Flatware - Chateau by Oneida


  1. That looks so good. Much better than the sad excuse for breakfast that I had. I cooked pork tenderloin yesterday. I pick them up whenever they are on sale. Really good done in the slow cooker with a maple brown sugar sauce

  2. Oh, YUMMMM!!! That looks good enough to eat, and I'm sure The Husband enjoyed every morsel! I hope you're enjoying this fine, sunny day, Sister! Love you!

  3. You're right on spot Nellie! Having grown up on a farm and my grandfather owning a farm nearby there was plenty of cattle, pigs, etc to be butchered by the slaughterhouse. The meat was delicious, esp homemade pork sausage, my grandfather had a great recipe for it, and pork tenderloin like you said also. Good memories for us, those were the days!

  4. Wow, Nellie! What a repast! You were eating breakfast like a king - that's what they say to do, isn't it?

  5. That's quite a breakfast! Very impressive!

  6. That is one hearty breakfast. I'd love to have some, albeit I would not be able to eat for the rest of the day.