Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Let them eat cake....

....especially when it features cranberries!

Ready for the oven....

....and out to cool!

Once again, I don't remember the source for this recipe.  I am always clipping recipes that sound interesting to me from newspapers or magazines.  In an "organizational moment," I will copy them over into something that is friendly to organizing.:-)

This was the first time baking this cake, and I chose the 10-inch pan.  The next time, I would choose a 9-inch.  The butter, brown sugar, and orange juice that were mixed together didn't spread all over the bottom of the pan.  In fact, I think I will experiment a bit with this the next time I bake the cake.  It didn't bake in a syrup consistency that might run over the cake when turned upside-down.  However, the glaze is a nice addition.


Happy baking!


  1. Your cake sounds delicious. I used to make pineapple upside down cakes when I was raising a family.

    They were very popular with the family.
    Have a nice day.

  2. This looks absolutely scrumdiliumptios! You are a woman after my own heart when I read 'next time I will experiment' ~ it is what I enjoy doing most in the kitchen. Fresh cranberries are finally in the shops in the UK so this could be made this weekend!

    I hope you enjoy the cake!

  3. Oh yum... I love cranberries and I bet this is delish...

  4. mmmmmmmmm


    P.S. May I figure out some way to be related to you so I can visit and stay with you while you bake?

  5. Oh, yummmmm!!! This sounds great to me just the way it is, but I'll be happy to hear the results of your experimentation! Thanks for sharing yet another wonderful selection with us, Sister! Have a terrific day!