Monday, November 23, 2020

This was on the table....

 Hello, blog friends!  What kind of Monday have you had?  Has it been busier than usual, or have you had less to do?

The past few days have been busy here.  I realize that I let Saturday pass without a blog post; therefore, this is a combination of that day’s entry plus today’s!

On the menu for Sunday Lunch....boneless pork loin roast, carrots, and roasted potatoes along with those tasty cheese rolls from our favorite market.  Yes, there was dessert!

Here was the table as lunch was served....

There was even a little gravy to go along with the meal!

Dessert was this Pumpkin Cake Roll....

It has been awhile since I’ve made one of these, and it was enjoyed....

The weather has been a little cool here recently, and it seemed to be time for this....

                                                       White Bean Turkey Chili, a favorite!

I’ve been thinking about why I blog.  I’m not sure how your screen shows my post, but it may show all the entries I’ve had since I first began blogging, almost nine years ago.  I remember how I designed the page - with three pictures of different berries around our property at the top - and the lettering for the name of the blog on top of those pictures.  It wasn’t easy to read the name, and I very soon did some redesigning.  Then, I wondered what direction I should go with the blog and eventually realized that I would blog about what I do most.....and that’s cooking.  

About a year after I began the blog, I joined Twitter, and today is my 8th “Twitterversary!”  I joined there to follow Susan Branch as she travelled across the country on a train....twitter from the twain.  Are any of you on Twitter?

For a long while, I lacked motivation to keep the blog current.  During these pandemic times, I seem to have had more time to ease into blogging again.  With the really serious concerns we have about this virus, it often seems a little trivial to post about food as though there are not other important issues.  

That said, I imagine food will continue to be the focus of the blog; however, I encourage you to take this virus seriously.  Over the weekend I learned of the passing of two acquaintances due to COVID-19 complications.  I consider it vital that we follow guidelines of the CDC to prevent/slow the spread of this disease.  Wear your mask!  Do you have friends or family who refuse to do this?  Are you able to speak to them about why they need to wear one?  Are you able to avoid large groups?  When you are with smaller groups, do you remember to continue to wear your mask?  Are you remembering to wash your hands frequently?  Have you altered your plans for later this week?  The number of hospitalizations in my county was reported today at 99 - a record high!  There is promising news about a vaccine from more than one source, though it will be months before the entire population will have access.  We have a real crisis on our hands, and we must be vigilant!

Stay safe and well!


  1. I don't blog as regularly as I used to, Nellie, and that's okay. Life changes for all of us and we change directions many times over the course of a few years.
    I do think of your blog as a food/recipe blog-so guess you are on the right track. lol

    We are being ultra safe and cautious here. John is not well at all so we are pretty well isolated. We have lost a friend to Covid and have a couple we are friends with both in the hospital right now. He is in ICU and she is in a regular room. Scary stuff.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo Diana

  2. Nellie, I love your pumpkin cake roll, and it has a little heart in the middle too, showing the invisible ingredient of LOVE!
    I am doing my very best to do everything to protect myself and others, but I am surrounded by those who go about business as usual. It is frightening and worrying.
    My blogging goes in waves, and right now I am struggling to find things to write about again.
    Stay safe and well,
    Have a joyful Thanksgiving
    Deb in Wales xo

  3. Good Tuesday morning, Sister! Your table always looks so inviting - such good presentation of your wonderful cooking! I've not had a slice of your pumpkin roll in so many years that I can't remember the last time, but I remember that it was delicious. I also have a friend who's been through a terrible time with COVID, and I wouldn't wish this disease upon anyone.....not even an enemy. I try to do all I can without going out to the store, but since that's not always possible, I choose curbside pickup when it's available. My mask is always on my face when I'm out and about, and I do have some friends (supposedly intelligent) who refuse to mask up unless required by law. Such a simple thing to do! Stay safe and well, and I'll hope to see you in your driveway Friday morning. Love you!

  4. The food looks good as usual but I only eat to live and not the other way around since I've eliminated a lot of food from my diet recently and will slowly reintroduce some back into my diet until I know which food are not agreeing with me.

    Since Covid-19, I've become less materialistic and try to let go of things that are superfluous and try to be more Gospel oriented. We are at a time of chastisement for the way we have put God second to our material wants.

    I just hope that we will all make it through safe and sound.
    Stay well and safe and trust in God.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. Your baking always looks so good. I baked some more pumpkin bread today.
    My son David and his girl friend Liz have just gotten over the Covid virus. Liz works at a dentist office and picked it up there and then David got it. They both had mild cases, both have no health problems and in great health.

  6. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving ! We did, but learned right before dinner of a neighborhood friend had passed away from Covid that morning. SO very sad...she beat cancer and then got Covid. We are being very careful...always wear a mask, avoid crowds, have not had any food at a restaurant. Hoping for better days ahead...stay positive and test negative !